What is the ratio of worm tea to water?

ou simply take 50% water to 50% worm tea. I suggest putting your worm tea in a watering can, however, a sprayer or spray bottle works well too. Just be sure to strain the worm tea before adding it to a spray bottle. Now simply water your house plants, outdoor potted or hanging plants, and you garden.

What kind of pump do you use for compost tea?

Commercial Air Pumps
Commercial Air Pumps An air pump for brewing a 5 gallon bucket of compost tea with an output of 45 liters of air per minute (or more) will offset it’s additional power usage by providing you with a FASTER brew time.

How do you make a compost tea pump?

How to Make Compost Tea with Aeration

  1. Fill the bucket with water.
  2. Fill your tea bag material with four cups of finished compost.
  3. Place the sachet in the bucket of water.
  4. Add two tablespoons of molasses to the bucket.
  5. Place an aerating device, such as an aquarium pump and an air stone, in the bucket.

How long can you brew worm tea?

around 24 hours
Mix 1/4 cup of microbial food source (molasses, honey, syrup) with a cup of water until dissolved, then add to bucket of water. Allow the tea to brew in the water for around 24 hours. Worm tea is finished when water has turned a brown color. The surface will be full of foam and bubbles.

Should you dilute worm tea?

Applying a worm casting tea is easy. Dilute it in a 1:3 tea to water ratio and water your plants with it. Use it right away, though, as it will go bad if left longer than 48 hours. To make steeping a little neater, you can make a tea bag for your casting using an old tee shirt or stocking.

Does worm tea need to be aerated?

Compost tea is a natural liquid fertilizer that is made by steeping compost in water, with or without the addition of air. The purpose of brewing compost tea is to extract beneficial microbes and soluble nutrients, and then provide them to plants in a form that they can readily uptake and utilize.

How big of an air pump do I need for compost tea?

You’ll want an air pump that produces a bare minimum of . 05 cfm (cubic feet per minute) per gallon of tea. For a 5 gallon system, that’s .

Can I make worm tea without air pump?

The Easy Method for Making Compost Tea. The easiest way to make compost tea without an air pump is by mixing together your ingredients in a bucket. The bucket can be any size, just make sure that if it’s a larger bucket, you have enough materials to fill it up.

How do you make worm tea without aerator?


  1. Fill the bucket with water. Add the worm castings and the molasses.
  2. Let the tea steep overnight. It will be a dark brown color.
  3. Pour some of the worm tea into your water can or spray bottle and dilute with water until it is a light brown color – the color of weak tea.
  4. Use immediately for best results.

What must you add to the worm tea before using it?

Do You Need to Aerate Worm Tea? Both sugar (molasses) and aeration boost the microbial activity resulting in an increased microbial population. Sugar alone will do that but adding some aeration will increase it further. If you choose to aerate it you can use a fish tank bubbler to add oxygen while the tea is steeping.