What is the ripple effect theory?

A ripple effect can be defined as a gradually spreading influence or series of consequences caused by a single action or event. This ripple effect action begins with stable, well structured opportunities provided by parent leadership initiatives (PLI).

What is the word for a ripple effect?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ripple-effect, like: chain of cause and effect, overspreading, knock-on-effect, slippery-slope, causal sequence, contagion effect, dispersion, dissemination, domino-effect and sprawl.

What is an example of the positive ripple effect?

Here are some examples: You work hard on something you believe in that also supports you financially. Positive Impact: you “bring home the bacon”, plus you have purpose and drive in a way that serves others well. Negative Impact: your work takes precedence on the rest of your life.

What is the ripple effect in communication?

The ripple effect, for good or bad, for better or for worse*, of our voice, non-verbals and message is extremely profound. It ripples out into how we feel, how we are perceived, and thus how others feel about us.

Why is ripple effect important?

It means less government spending on infrastructure and other public services, including economic development. The sum effect is less available work for job seekers — a perfect vicious circle.” This is the case because well-established industries such as manufacturing produce goods that are exported out of the region.

How do you use ripple effect in a sentence?

If builders promoted their new homes as energy-efficient, it would have a ripple effect throughout the housing market. It would have a ripple effect throughout the economy. This is a question of whether they live or die, so they have been forced to take desperate actions, which have a ripple effect.

Is ripple effect and domino-effect the same thing?

Domino effect is a situation in which one event causes a whole series of other events to happen one after the other. Similar to the ones discussed above. Causes are very central to ripple effect. At the centre is a “cause” that causes ripples (effects).

Is the ripple effect positive or negative?

The ripple effect is a situation in life in which when one thing occurs, it has a direct effect on other situations and the chain goes on and on and on. Most often, the effect is spoken about positively.

What is a ripple effect in regards to decision making?

When we make decisions we often fail to understand the true cost and consequences of our actions. In the moment of making a decision, our instincts are to focus on the exact task at hand. We prioritise our thinking on to the outcome we are wanting to achieve.

How does the ripple effect impact the economy?

The ripple effect, which occurs daily in many small ways throughout the world’s economies, creates positive and negative effects which are largely unforeseeable. As world trade increases and nations work more closely together, the ripple effect’s intensity increases.