What is the Sergeant Schultz defense?

It’s the Sergeant Schultz Defense. Sgt. Schultz was the German prison camp guard from the TV series “Hogan’s Heroes” whose big laugh line was: “I know nothing! I see nothing!”

What did Sergeant Schultz always say on Hogan’s Heroes?

Schultz, constantly encountering evidence that the inmates of his stalag were planning mayhem, frequently feigned ignorance with the catchphrase, “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!” (or, more commonly as the series went on, “I know nothing, nothing!”).

Who was famous for saying I know nothing?

“I know that I know nothing” is a saying derived from Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates.

Is actor John Banner still alive?

January 28, 1973John Banner / Date of death

What happened to Sgt Schultz after the war?

Post-Great War. After leaving the army, he finds employment as a toy maker. Although a possible Monarchist, his political affiliation in the 1920s is with the SPD (Social Democrat Party), a member of the Weimar Coalition of parties, which ran Germany before the Great Depression and the rise to power of the Nazis.

Who was John Banner married to?

Renee Christine Gemenne MuhrJohn Banner / Spouse (m. 1965–1973)

What does Socrates saying all I know is that I know nothing mean?

5) I know that I know nothing – a motto of humility From the perspective of Socrates, any knowledge or information he did have was likely to be insignificant (or even completely false) compared to how much was left to be discovered.

What rank is Sergeant Schultz?

Oberfeldwebel Hans Schultz is one of the main fictional characters who appeared in the 1960s American sitcom, Hogan’s Heroes….Hans Schultz.

Master Sergeant Hans Schultz
Rank Oberfeldwebel
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number 23789

The Sergeant Schultz Defense (“…I know nothing, nothing…”) At some point in time, each of us has gained a full ration of “in the chair” experiences, worked for more than a few companies and bosses, seen the style and effectiveness of great mentors and parents and teachers…and leaders.

What did Sergeant Schultz say in Stalag 13?

Spectacularly inept as a guard of Allied prisoners of war, Sergeant Schultz was prone to ignoring the irregularities that transpired in the fictional Stalag 13, bellowing firmly, “I know nothing! I see nothing! Nothing!!!” John Banner enjoyed the role but demurred when accused of portraying a “cuddly” Nazi.

What kind of character is Schultz in the things they carried?

The character of Schultz is a bumbling, but ultimately lovable German guard at a World War II prisoner-of-war camp. The camp is used by the prisoners as a secret staging area for sabotage and intelligence-gathering. Schultz is forever becoming indebted to the prisoners, which they use to the Allies’ advantage for their continuing espionage work.