What is the significance of the fly in Breaking Bad?

Flies are a common insect that appeared in Breaking Bad. It has been speculated that the fly represents guilt, contamination, irrational obsession, and the loss of control in Walter White’s life. When a fly gets into the superlab, Walt embarks on an obsessive quest to destroy it (“Fly”).

What is the reason for all the purple in Breaking Bad?

Purple is also used to represent pride, loyalty, and wisdom, which were all traits linked to Marie despite her flaws. Last but not least, purple can be used to symbolize self-deception or being misled. Marie was constantly being misled by Skyler and Walt when it came to the latter’s activity in the meth drug trade.

Why did Walt get rid of Jesse’s watch?

After the Breaking Bad finale aired back in 2013, Vince Gilligan actually did clarify the choice to show Walt taking off his watch and leaving it atop the payphone he used to scam information about Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz.

What is Walter White crying about?

In our Breaking Bad Trivia #5, we will tell you the same. Remember Jane, Jesse’s girlfriend and how Walt didn’t help her and watch her die? Bryan’s on-screen wife Skyler played by Anna Gunn revealed that he cried for 15 mins after shooting the death scene.

Why did Walt take his watch off at the gas station?

When they shot the flash forward scene in the first episode of season 5 Walt wasn’t wearing a watch. Therefore they had to have it removed. He also said there was an “artsy fartsy” which was that Walt didn’t need the watch anymore as he was about to encounter Jesse, who gave him the watch, for the last time.

What did Jesse gives Walt in Fly?

Jesse prepares coffee and slips some sleeping pills into Walt’s cup in an effort to force him to get some much-needed sleep.

Did Walt know Jesse was a prisoner?

That might have been Gilligan’s intent, but he failed to achieve it. The OP is right – the logical conclusion would be that Walt knew Jesse was a prisoner. He knew Jesse was taken away by Jack’s gang to be killed under his order.

Why did Walt make that phone call?

Although it took some viewers (including this one) a while to catch on, most everyone agrees that Walt’s call to Skyler was intended for the police he knew would be listening, that in casting her as a terrified woman under the thumb of a homicidally violent drug kingpin, he was trying to exonerate her, to absorb her …

Why does Walt cry when Hank dies?

“I’ve made a mistake. It’s all my fault. I had it coming,” Walt confesses. Walt isn’t just crying because he’s ruined the only real relationship he had (both business and personal), but he’s crying because he’s realized the mess he’s made of his life, and those around him.

Does Walt consider Jesse his son?

This actually invokes a sense of sadness in realizing that Walt seems to outwardly show more love and affection for Jesse than he does his own son. He demonstrates this after being blackmailed by Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane.

What happened to Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad?

In a flashback to the same previously seen hospital scene just after Hank Schrader ‘s shooting (“I See You”), Walter White confronts Gustavo Fring about who was behind the attempt on his life. Mike Ehrmantraut slips away, unnoticed, after murdering the Cousin who survived the ambush.

What was the finale of Breaking Bad Season 5?

For the fifth season, see “Breaking Bad: Season Five Ratings”. TV Series Finale. October 2, 2013. Retrieved June 14, 2015. “Cat’s in the Bag…”

What episode of Breaking Bad is Hermanos from?

“Hermanos” is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad and the forty-first episode altogether.

What episode does Walt throw away Mike’s car in Breaking Bad?

“Gliding Over All” is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad and the fifty-fourth episode altogether. It is also the mid-season finale. Walt, in deep thought, is observing a fly at Vamonos Pest when Todd informs him that he has disposed of Mike ‘s car.