What is the stereo fly test used for?

The Stereo Fly Tests provide an easily administered check of stereoscopic depth perception at any age level. Its purpose is to measure how minutely the two eyes can discern differences in the distances of objects from the observer.

What is a stereo test?

Stereotests and Color Tests Stereotests are a quick and easy method to identify vision problems and test for stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression, strabismus, and color vision deficiency.

What is considered normal Stereoacuity?

For discerning the clinical significance the stereo acuity levels were categorized into normal (20 arc seconds or better), Borderline (25 arc seconds to 40 arc seconds) and Reduced stereopsis (50 arc seconds to 400 arc seconds).

What is Titmus fly test?

Answer: This is a test which the optometrist uses (normally with children) to detect stereopsis (the ability to perceive depth) and therefore identify conditions where stereopsis is absent eg amblyopia.

What is a good depth perception score?

On occasion, the subject with good acuity scores will fail to fuse the left and right eye patterns and experience an overlapping of images. Turn the dial back to a test where the subject can stabilize fusion, then proceed. SCORING: Reading all the circles correctly through #9 is normal depth perception.

How many seconds of arc is the stereo fly?

Key Features. FEATURES INCLUDE: Evaluate both gross stereopsis (355 to 700 seconds of arc) and fine depth perception.

What tests are done for color blindness?

Testing for Color Blindness

  • Color plate test. This is the most common type of color blindness test.
  • Anomaloscope test. This test will check if you can match the brightness of two lights.
  • Hue test. In a hue test, you’ll get blocks that are different colors.

What it looks like to be Stereoblind?

Stereo blindness occurs when the two eyes do not work together in a normal way. If a person has only one eye they are truly stereo-blind with no hope of gaining stereopsis. However, most patients who are stereo blind have two eyes, but just lack the ability to use the two eyes together in a normal way.

What is good Stereoacuity?

The level of stereopsis was categorized as good stereoacuity (<120 sec arc), moderate stereoacuity (121–240 sec arc), and poor stereoacuity (>241 sec arc).

How do you calculate Stereoacuity?

Stereopsis is calculated by taking the least difference in seconds of arc that the individual can perceive binocularly. This value changes as the object’s distance from the eyes changes. Stereopsis improves at as distance from the eyes decreases.

How do you perform a Titmus test?

Titmus Testing The test was conducted in a seated position with the participant’s forehead placed on the forehead rest and eyes positioned to look through the eyepiece of the instrument. Each eye was tested separately by pressing the occluder pad on the remote to occlude the eye piece of the non-tested eye.