What is the syllabus of MSc chemistry?

Take a look at the major subjects included in the MSc Chemistry syllabus during a 2-year program….Year 1.

Semester I Semester II
Analytical Chemistry Surface, Interfaces, and Catalysis
Advanced Instrumental Methods of Analysis Separation Techniques
Organic Chemistry -I Inorganic Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry -I

Which chemistry is best for MSc?

Top 5 Branches of Chemistry for Masters

  • MSc Organic Chemistry.
  • MSc Medicinal Chemistry.
  • MSc Analytical Chemistry.
  • MSc Molecular Chemistry.
  • MSc Biochemistry.

How many seats are there in DU for MSc chemistry?

Total Seats:306

Seats Distribution
Exam Type General Total
Entrance 70 153
Merit 70 153

Does DU have MSc chemistry?

in Chemistry at DU: Placements, Fees, Admission & Eligibility….DUET 2022 application form dates PG Apr 6 – May 15, 2022 View all dates.

Duration 2 years (Full Time)
Course Level PG Degree
Website Go to website… http://www.du.ac.in/
Type of University Central
Year of establishment 1922

Is MSc chemistry tough?

M. Sc. s are demanding, mentally challenging, and costly, but they may be worth it in the long run. MSc Chemistry offers a great variety of jobs and career prospects in all fields.

What is the salary after M.Sc chemistry?

A mid-career MSC Analytical Chemistry with 4-9 years of experience earns an average salary of ₹0.3 Lakh per year, while a Senior MSC Analytical Chemistry with 10-20 years of experience earns an average salary of ₹2.4 Lakhs per year.

Is maths compulsory for MSc Chemistry in DU?

No, maths is not compulsory subject in class 12th for pursuing M.Sc Chemistry in DU and BHU. You can apply here and get admission.

Is MSc Chemistry available in JNU?

Master of Science in Chemistry is two years full-time School of Physical Sciences Postgraduate course and this degree is offered by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The detailed syllabus of the M.Sc. program is available at the JNU website.

Can I join ISRO after M.Sc chemistry?

Originally Answered: Can I get job in ISRO by doing MSc chemistry followed by PhD? YES. You Can.

Which is better M.Sc chemistry or M.Sc biochemistry?

As a chemist, I would recommend the M.Sc in Chemistry because it is more general. Biochemistry is specialised which might narrow down your future career possibilities. Go for B Tech in Engineering Physics. Regards.