What is the synonym of subscribe?

Some common synonyms of subscribe are accede, acquiesce, agree, assent, and consent. While all these words mean “to concur with what has been proposed,” subscribe implies not only consent or assent but hearty approval and active support.

Is it subscribe to or on?

We always say subscribe to something. You have subscribed to a newsletter. You have subscribed to youtube. You can say you have subscribed to someone’s channel on youtube.

What does it mean to subscribe to a belief?

If you subscribe to an opinion or belief, you are one of a number of people who have this opinion or belief.

What does it mean to subscribe to something online?

Subscribe is an option offered by product vendors or service providers that allows customers to gain access to products or services. Most subscription-based models are paid services, which require a customer to pay a subscription fee to access and use a particular product or service.

What is another word for fee?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fee, like: dues, remuneration, percentage, charge, price, pay, expense, fee simple, toll, fees and wage.

How do you use Subscribe in a sentence?

(1) I subscribe wholeheartedly to this theory. (2) I want to subscribe for some novels. (3) You can subscribe to the magazine for as little as $32 a year. (4) I heartily subscribe to that sentiment.

What is to subscribe on YouTube?

You can subscribe to channels you like to see more content from those channels. You can find a Subscribe button under any YouTube video or on a channel’s page. Once you subscribe to a channel, any new videos it publishes will show up in your Subscriptions feed.

What is the meaning of subscribe in social media?

VERB + to] 2. verb. If you subscribe to a service, especially online, you agree to regularly receive it or receive information from it. [computing]

What’s the difference between ascribe and subscribe?

Ascribe is used when giving credit to someone or something. This word is used to talk about something that is caused, created, or owned by a person or a thing. SUBSCRIBE: ‘Subscribe’ is used in reference to a belief or opinion that you agree with.

Does subscribing cost money?

Yes, subscribing to a YouTube channel is completely free and there is no limit to the number of channels you can subscribe to. There are no hidden costs or recurring fees when you subscribe to a YouTube channel and you can also unsubscribe whenever you like for free as well.

Do you have to pay to subscribe on YouTube?

No. You do not have to pay to keep your content on YouTube or to have it included in YouTube Premium. Your videos are automatically visible to viewers on ad-supported YouTube and through a paid membership to YouTube Premium. The paid membership fees give a new source of revenue for creators like you.

What is a word for a payment or fee?

What does it mean to subscribe to something?

subscribe to something. — phrasal verb with subscribe us ​ /səbˈskrɑɪb/ verb [ I ] ​. › to agree with or support an opinion, belief, or theory: They all believe the same rumors, subscribe to the same theories, and write the same stories.

What does it mean to subscribe to the beliefs of someone?

To very strongly support, approve of, or agree with an opinion or policy. I no longer subscribe to the all the same beliefs as my parents, but that doesn’t mean we don’t share some values. Bill and his wife subscribe to the notion that disciplining children in any way, shape, or form will harm their emotional development.

What does it mean to subscribe to a newsletter?

1. Literally, to sign up to receive something on a regular basis; to have a subscription to something, such as a newspaper, magazine, monthly product, etc. You should subscribe to our newsletter if you’re interested in our other projects. I subscribed to the local newspaper years ago, but I barely read it anymore.