What is the synonym of vitiate?

Some common synonyms of vitiate are corrupt, debase, debauch, deprave, and pervert. While all these words mean “to cause deterioration or lowering in quality or character,” vitiate implies a destruction of purity, validity, or effectiveness by allowing entrance of a fault or defect.

What is the antonym of vitiate?

What is the opposite of vitiate?

affirm allow
permit ratify
support validate
sanction uphold
help enact

What vitiate means?

to make faulty or defective
Definition of vitiate transitive verb. 1 : to make faulty or defective : impair the comic impact is vitiated by obvious haste— William Styron. 2 : to debase in moral or aesthetic status a mind vitiated by prejudice. 3 : to make ineffective fraud vitiates a contract.

How do you use vitiate in a sentence?

Vitiate sentence example A mistake of fact in some circumstances could vitiate the contract. Duress to the individual negotiator would, however, vitiate the effect of his signature.

What is the antonym of trite?

What is the opposite of trite?

fresh original
relevant unexpected
unfamiliar creative
inventive innovative
ingenious innovational

What is an antonym for expunge?

The word ‘Expunge’ means obliterate or remove completely something unwanted or unpleasant. ( मिटाना) The antonyms of the word ‘Expunge’ are “insert (डालना), forge (बना लेना), restore (लौटाना)”.

What is the synonym of ineluctable?

OTHER WORDS FOR ineluctable inevitable, unavoidable, irrevocable, unpreventable, unstoppable, inexorable, certain, sure, fated.

Can a person be vitiated?

When you give an underage person a drink, this an example of when you vitiate a child. To make (a contract, or other legal instrument) ineffective; invalidate. To invalidate either partially or completely.

What is the synonym of vociferous?

Some common synonyms of vociferous are blatant, boisterous, clamorous, obstreperous, and strident. While all these words mean “so loud or insistent as to compel attention,” vociferous implies a vehement shouting or calling out. vociferous cries of protest and outrage.

What is the meaning of vitiating factors?

These are factors which can cripple or invalidate the contract they are concerned with, such as misrepresentation, mistake, duress, undue influence, or illegality.

Is trite a synonym?

Some common synonyms of trite are hackneyed, stereotyped, and threadbare. While all these words mean “lacking the freshness that evokes attention or interest,” trite applies to a once effective phrase or idea spoiled from long familiarity.

What is the antonym of edible?

What is the opposite of edible?

inedible harmful
nonedible noxious
pernicious toxic
baneful indigestible
inadequate unpalatable

How to use “vitiate” in a sentence?

vitiate in a sentence. There can also be duress to goods and sometimes, the concept of ‘economic duress’ is used to vitiate contracts. However, it has been argued that that those in the vanguard make mistakes; Murphy’s views were a product of her times, and this should not vitiate her activism on behalf of

How to pronounce vitiated?

vitiated Pronunciation vi·ti·at·ed Here are all the possible pronunciations of the word vitiated. Popularity rank by frequency of use vitiated #100000 #155827 #333333 Discuss these vitiated pronunciations with the community: 0 Comments Notify me of new comments via email. Citation

What is another word for vitiate?

Synonyms for vitiate. Synonyms. blemish, darken, mar, poison, spoil, stain, taint, tarnish, touch; Visit the Thesaurus for More

Is vitiate a Sith Lord?

―In-game Codex ( Persons of Note) [src] Tenebrae, also known as Vitiate, the Sith Emperor and Valkorion, was the Dark Lord of the Sith and the ruler of the Sith Empire. He declared himself as the new Sith Emperor and ruled over the Sith after the Great Hyperspace War.