What is the therapeutic level of phenobarbital?

The therapeutic range for adults taking phenobarbital is 15-40 micrograms/milliliter (mcg/ml) (65-173 micromole/liter) for seizure treatment, and 5-15 micrograms/milliliter (mcg/ml) (22-65 micromole/liter) for sedative-hypnotic use.

Is phenobarbital a sedative hypnotic drug?

Phenobarbital is a long-acting barbiturate that has sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant effects. Phenobarbital produces a depressant effect on the CNS through actions at GABAA receptors (McNamara, 2011).

Is phenobarbital soluble in water?

Phenobarbital has poor water solubility (1 mg/ml) but it is freely soluble in ethanol (100 mg/ml). Its solubility usually can be increased by addition of water–miscible solvents.

What color is phenobarbital liquid?


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What is a toxic level of phenobarbital?

The therapeutic reference range of phenobarbital is 10-30 mcg/mL. The toxic reference range of phenobarbital is >40 mcg/mL.

Can phenobarbital be refrigerated?

Keep away from light and store at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Phenobarbital can be given with or without food.

What is the brand name of phenobarbital?

What Is Phenobarbital? Phenobarbital (Brand Name: Solfoton) is a barbiturate used to treat or prevent seizures. Phenobarbital is also used short-term to treat insomnia, or as a sedative before surgery. Phenobarbital is available in generic form.

Does phenobarbital come in liquid?

Other strengths are still available, including the 16.2 mg, 32.4 mg, 64.8 mg, and 97.2 mg tablets. The phenobarbital oral liquid is also still available.

What is the overdose of phenobarbital?

An overdose of phenobarbital can be fatal. Overdose symptoms may include slow or shallow breathing, weak pulse, cold or clammy skin, little or no urination, pinpoint pupils, feeling cold, or fainting. Drinking alcohol with this medicine can cause side effects. This medication may impair your thinking or reactions.