What is the train station in Hay Day?

The train stations are buildings in the player’s farm and town. The farm station lets players go to the town while the town station lets town visitors visit the player’s town. They are both unlocked at experience level 34.

What does the town do in Hay Day?

The town is a game feature which gives players a new area to play in and the opportunity to gain coins, experience points, and reputation points by filling town visitors’ orders. It can be unlocked at experience level 34 by repairing the train station located on the farm.

How do you fully serve a town in hay day?

How to serve the Town Visitors

  1. use the ‘Ask for help’ button to request for help: You can ask for up to 3 public help requests, plus 1 exclusive Neighborhood help request per day.
  2. send them away by tapping on the visitor, switching to the next page of the ‘Request’ tab, and dragging the ‘Locomotive’ icon to the visitor.

How do you speed up your town on hay day?

To speed up the service time, players can upgrade the service building, and then upgrade the service time (see Service Buildings for details). The minimum length of the service time is dependent on the service building level. There is a town booster that can shorten the service time that can be activated.

How much is the train on Hayday?

Your Personal Train unlocks at Reputation level 4 and repairing it costs 13.000 Coins. This little train on the right side of the Train Station can pick up visitors from your Neighborhood friends’ and Greg’s platforms.

What is the highest town level in hay day?

The Town Hall begins with a visitor capacity of nine people. Upgrading the hall allows players to increase the number of visitors in the town. Each upgrade increases the capacity of the hall by three and its level by one. It can be upgraded to level 12 for a maximum capacity of 42 visitors.

What does the red heart mean in Hayday?

Reputation points
Reputation points come in the form of red hearts (rep. ), which fill up the reputation bar shown at the top of the screen in the town. When the player has accumulated the number of required hearts the bar resets to 0 and they change reputation level, which unlocks new items, new features, and rewards.

How do I get more visitors to the sanctuary in hay day?

To access the sanctuary, players need to reach reputation level 3, have one strip of land touching the sanctuary (land #11 or #12 in map below) and repair the sanctuary book stand. Repairing the book stand costs 10,000 coins and takes 4 hours (or 21 diamonds).