What is the use of LCCI certificate?

LCCI Certificates and Diploma in Accounting are recognized internationally by universities and professional bodies. This means that LCCI candidates can gain exemptions from professional body examinations and recognition from universities for entrance purpose. Accountancy is a part of business and holds a vital role.

Is LCCI still relevant?

About LCCI That need is even more present today and Pearson LCCI qualifications continue to be used as a benchmark for employers, professional bodies and universities around the world.

What is LCCI Group Diploma?

LCCI Diplomas are a recognised, effective way of combining subjects in related fields to create a comprehensive demonstration of ability, skills and knowledge. Some mandatory modules in our Diplomas allow progression to ACCA and CIMA professional qualifications.

Is LCCI Diploma Recognised?

LCCI qualifications are internationally recognized and well-known for over 100 years. LCCI were developed by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry to address the need of reliable and high-quality standards of accounting and commerce entry-level across international workforce.

Who should learn LCCI?

LCCI Diplomas These qualifications are suitable for students who have a general interest in business-related activities and want to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across a broad range of related subjects.

Is LCCI Diploma Recognised in Canada?

LCCI qualifications enjoy recognition from: Universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, all of which permit LCCI diploma holders to gain admission to degree courses.

Is LCCI Diploma Recognised in UK?

LCCI qualifications are awarded by Pearson, an accredited awarding body providing vocational and professional qualifications worldwide. Pearson is accredited by UK qualifications regulator Ofqual and many regulatory bodies and Ministries of Education around the world recognise LCCI qualifications.