What is the work of regional office?

A regional office is a unit of a company that is responsible for selling its products in an area that isn’t directly serviced by its main office or headquarters. It is typically headed by a branch manager.

WHO has how many regional offices?

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it has six regional offices and 150 field offices worldwide.

What is regional officer?

Regional Officer means an officer below Head of Deptt. and above the Head of Office who has administrative control over the specified Heads of Offices of the Department; Sample 1.

What is a regional position?

“Regional” is a modifier used in certain job descriptions to indicate authority or supervisory responsibility over a geographic region. For example, a regional director or manager for a retail establishment oversees district and general store managers.

WHO is head office of India?

The WHO Country Office for India is headquartered in Delhi with country-wide presence. The WHO Country Office for India’s areas of work are enshrined in its new Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) 2012-2017.

What is regional and example?

1. The definition of regional is something related to, taking place in or characteristic of a given geographic location. An accent shared by people in the Boston area is an example of a regional accent. adjective.

Who is head office of India?

Who is regional director?

Regional Director means the director, acting through the Commissioner, who is delegated the authority and responsibility to execute the total Department prescribed Work Plans for his/her respective Region.

What are all the region?

While there are some official government regions, such as those used by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Standard Federal Regions, most people use five major regions when dividing up the states. They are the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West.