What is Webasto Thermo Top C?

A Webasto Thermo Top C is a high-tech (and highly welcomed) engine warmer that fits into your fuel line and keeps your engine from freezing up – all without having to idle the engine itself.

How do I reset my Webasto coolant heater?

After correction of the malfunction the error lockout is reset by switching the heater off and on again. In case of overheating an error lockout reset is achieved by removing fuse F1, 20A for at least 10 seconds.

Why is my Webasto not working?

Pull the 20amp heater fuse and wait 30 seconds before re-fitting it. Clear the faults on the gauge by resetting it and try the heater again. Repeat this fix a handful of times if the fault reoccurs. If still not working after many attempts then check the fuel pump and fuel source.

Why is my Webasto heater not working?

Blockages in the fuel line and/or burner are also common causes. You can check for fuel delivery at the heater end during start up, and if no fuel is coming out of the pipe, your heater won’t start. Other causes could be an air blockage in the exhaust or combustion air pipe.

How do you test Webasto?

Our best subject: The Webasto cold chamber. The test vehicles are cooled at -10°C for at least 8 hours in the cold chamber and a defined layer of ice applied to the windscreens. The heating of the passenger compartment and de-icing of the windows is measured when the parking heater is activated.

How do I run a Webasto diagnostic?

Hardware connection procedure

  1. Connect the USB or serial (COM) cable to the correct port on the PC.
  2. Connect the USB or serial (COM) cable to the correct port on the diagnostic unit.
  3. Connect the adapter to the diagnostic unit.
  4. Connect the diagnostic unit to power.
  5. Connect the adapter to the heater.
  6. Turn the heater on.

How do you tell if your Webasto heater is not working?

On many models of Webasto heaters, the green operating status light gives a fault indication when the heater is not working. If you have a Webasto timer installed, the fault indication may even be shown in the form of a code (F03 for example).

How long can a Webasto heater run?

The Webasto heaters can run up to 22 hours on a single gallon of fuel. Gasoline is less energy dense than diesel. That means there will be more carbon buildup when you run the gasoline model, and therefore it will require more frequent maintenance.

Can you drive with Webasto on?

Can Webasto heaters be operated while driving? Yes! Heating while driving is allowed worldwide for all our heaters!

Is a Webasto heater worth it?

Webasto Air Heaters are extremely fuel efficient since you are able to regulate start and end times. The Webasto heaters can run up to 22 hours on a single gallon of fuel.