What is white in foreign languages?

Latin American Spanish: blanco. Swedish: vit. Thai: สีขาว Turkish: beyaz. Ukrainian: білий

How do you say white in Russian?

white — белый (masc.), белая (fem.), белое (neut.) light — светлый (masc.), светлая (fem.), светлое (neut.)

What is the word pure in other languages?

European Portuguese: puro. Romanian: pur. Russian: чистый Latin American Spanish: puro. Swedish: ren oblandad.

What is white in Irish?

The Irish word for white is ‘bán’ and thus names such as Bane or Bawn sometimes also had their surnames translated to ‘White’. In the north of Ireland, many Whites were of Scottish extraction and the surname was a translation of the Highland Gaelic ‘Mac Gille Bhain’, ‘son of the fair-haired servant or youth’.

How do you spell white in Greek?

Saying the Colors in the Greek Language

  1. μαύρο – mavro – black.
  2. άσπρο – aspro – white.
  3. κόκκινο – kokkino – red.
  4. κίτρινο – kitrino – yellow.
  5. πράσινο – prasino – green.
  6. καφέ – kafe – brown.
  7. μπλε – ble – blue.
  8. γαλάζιο – galazio – light blue.

How do you say pure in Chinese?

pure {adjective} 十足的 [shí zú de] {adj.}

What is the Scottish word for white?


Colour Dath
White Geal <))
Grey Glas <))
Red Dearg <))
Scarlet Sgàrlaid <))

What is silver in Celtic?

Irish Translation. airgead. Find more words!

What is the Thai word for white?

The Thai translation for “white” is ขาว.

What is the meaning of white in different languages?

White in Different Languages: White is achromatic. Fresh snow, crab and milk are in colour, and dark is the opposite. White objects absorb and disperse all visible light wavelengths. A mixture of red, blue and green light produces white on TV and computer screens. White is the lightest colour with no hue.

What is a synonym for pure white?

Pure White synonyms. Top synonyms for pure white (other words for pure white) are stark white, clean white and fresh white.

What are some other words for white?

other words for white. silver. silvery. alabaster. blanched. clear. fair. frosted. ivory.