What is WTT and PTT in railway?

1665098-4: WTT = Working Time Table PTT = Passenger – Railway Enquiry.

What is ARP in train?

Railways have earlier announced 10 days as the Advance Reservation Period (ARP) for booking of tickets in select special trains. Now it is decided to increase the ARP to 120 days for following trains with effect from 10.2. 2021.

What is railway ICP?

Ichchiputtur Railway station is in Thiruvallur district making it an important railway station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The station code name of Ichchiputtur is ‘ICP’.

What is PPP model in railway?

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways is facilitating the completion of more projects through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model after finding it successful in providing last mile rail connectivity to ports and industrial clusters.

What is the salary of TT?

TTE Salary According to the seventh pay commission, a TTE now gets a salary of Rs 9400 to 35000. Apart from this Rs 1900 / – grade pay + DA + HRA + other allowance is also available.

What is difference between TT and TC?

There are a lot of meaning of TC and TT but generally in railway TC used for ticket collector who posted in station and chek ticket of the passenger and TT used for traveling ticket examiner who posted in train and check ticket to ensure that everyone has taken ticket or not..

What is Tatkal ARP?

“Train outside tatkal arp” means that you have tried to book early than the prior tatkal period allowed to book the Tatkal tickets. The ARP(Advance Reservation Period) scheme is now allowed only up to 1 day excluding the date of journey. You cannot book tickets in advance through Tatkal quota before 4 days.

Can I carry paint in train?

Items That Are Not Allowed in Train Ghee, oil, grease, paint, etc., if carried in packages that are prone to leakage, breakage or other damages. Dry grass, waste paper or leaves. Dead poultry & game (shikar).

How does a PPP work?

PPP loans are issued by private lenders and credit unions, and then they are backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The basic purpose of the PPP is to incentivize small businesses to keep workers on payroll and/or to rehire laid-off workers that lost wages due to COVID-19 disruptions.