What is X3watch?

X3watch monitors web browsing and app activity across any and every connected device, updates your chosen partner[s] automatically, and inspires conversation between people dedicated to loving one another well.

Is the covenant eyes app free?

Research shows that families that use Covenant Eyes are successful at passing on their values from one generation to the next. You must have a Covenant Eyes account to use this app (but the app is free if you do).

How does x3 Watch work?

X3watch monitors website activity that takes place on your computer. Whenever you browse the internet, X3watch is monitoring and reviewing the websites being opened by both the user and the computer.

What is the Lion App?

Lion is an accountability browser for the modern day. Use Lion to add people you trust as partners. These partners will receive an easy to read bi-weekly email of any explicit websites you visit.

Is there an accountability app?

Accountable2You monitors more than any other accountability app for Android, so you can live with integrity and peace of mind. No secrets here! Our app works by recording your device activity—including web browsing and app usage—and then sending regular reports and instant alerts to your accountability partners.

Is covenant eyes any good?

The Covenant Eyes performs well on iOS devices when compared to Android. The performance on Android phones seems to be poor. The Screen Accountability feature is unavailable for Chromebooks and Kindle Fire.

Does Covenant Eyes monitor Google?

Covenant Eyes monitors Internet, Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, Android Stock Browser, Firefox, Silk, Netflix, Hulu, Google Search, and YouTube by default. All other apps that browse the internet need to be locked.

What’s the best accountability app?

Does accountability coaching work?

Greater clarity and direction Accountability coaches give you better direction, focus, and clarity. Coaching helps you clarify your goals and gives you a path and plan to achieve them. Working with an accountability coach clarifies your vision, helps you set goals, and provides the direction to achieve your goals.

What app is better than Covenant Eyes?

The best alternative is Pluckeye. It’s not free, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could try FamilyShield or Screen Time. Other great apps like Covenant Eyes are Accountable2You (Paid), Qustodio (Paid), Norton Family (Paid) and usageDirect (Free, Open Source).