What kind of insurance is Moda?

health insurance company
Moda Health (formerly ODS Health) is a health insurance company based in Portland, Oregon. The company provides medical and dental insurance in Oregon, Alaska and Texas (and in Washington state before 2016).

Is Moda part of the Oregon Health Plan?

DDC and its subsidiaries provide dental coverage to more than 35 million dental members. Moda Health Plan, Inc. (Moda) is an Oregon-domiciled health care service contractor that provides medical plans to more than 90,000 insured medical members in Oregon and Alaska.

Is Moda a PPO?

This is one of the largest preferred provider organization (PPO) medical networks in Oregon. It includes thousands of primary care providers and specialists working together with Moda Health to help keep members healthy. Groups located anywhere in Oregon can choose a plan with this network.

Who owns Moda Health?

Oregon Dental ServiceModa Health / Parent organization

What does Moda insurance stand for?

It’s an exciting new identity designed to showcase the company’s passion for helping people get well sooner and live well longer. Moda is derived from the Latin term “modus” meaning the way. “Our company is changing more rapidly than ever,” said William Johnson, MD, MBA, FACS, president of Moda Health.

What does Moda center stand for?

William Johnson, president of Moda Health, said the company’s new name, and the building’s new name, are meant to connote active living. “Moda is derived from the Latin term ‘modus,’ which means ‘the way,'” Johnson explained. “The way to do more, the way to do better, the way to better health.

Is Health Share of Oregon same as OHP?

We are Health Share The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is our state’s Medicaid program. It provides no-cost health coverage—including medical, dental and mental health and substance use benefits—to individuals and families who qualify.

Does OHSU take Moda insurance?

Medical. To provide postdocs and their families’ flexibility in health care coverage options, OHSU offers the choice of three medical plans – OHSU PPO, OHSU EPO, and High Deductible with HSA. Each plan is self-insured, meaning OHSU pays medical claims directly, and administered by Moda Health.

How many members does Moda Health have?

Founded in 1955, Oregon-based Moda is a company committed to building healthier communities. Moda has 330,000 members in its medical plans and more than 1 million members in its stand-alone pharmacy segment.

How many members does Moda health have?

What company sponsors the Moda Center?

Moda Health
Corporate branding rights to the Rose Garden were awarded to Moda Health on August 13, 2013, when the Portland Trail Blazers and Moda Health unveiled a community partnership. This new partnership gave a sponsored name to the Rose Garden, calling it the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter.