What language code is ZH-CN?

Chinese (PRC)
ISO 639-1 standard language codes

Language (Region) Code
Chinese (PRC) zh-cn
Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-hk
Chinese (Singapore) zh-sg
Chinese (Taiwan) zh-tw

Is zh-CN Simplified Chinese?

The standard locale for simplified Chinese is zh_CN .

What is English language code?

en – English, as shortest ISO 639 code.

What country is zh?

Nominatim/Country Codes

ISO 3166-1 country code Country name (English) Default BCP 47 language codes (usually from ISO 639-1, or ISO 639-3 otherwise)
CN China zh-hans
CO Colombia es
CR Costa Rica es
CU Cuba es

Why is zh used for China?

When zh is used on its own, it is usually used to mean the predominant language in the encompassed range, although this is not explicitly specified in BCP 47. For example, conventionally zh is considered to represent the predominant, Mandarin form of Chinese.

What languages have the zh sound?


  • Zh (digraph), a digraph in some languages, such as Albanian, Uyghur (Uyghur Latin script) and Chinese (pinyin)
  • Ž, a letter in the Latin script.
  • Zhe (Cyrillic) (Ж), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Ezh (ʒ), a letter sometimes represented by the digraph “zh”

Where is British HK?

British Hong Kong

Hong Kong 香港
Currency Before 1895: Spanish dollar Chinese cash 1895–1937: Trade dollar After 1937: Hong Kong dollar
Preceded by Succeeded by 1841: Xin’an County 1945: Japanese Hong Kong 1941: Japanese Hong Kong 1997: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Today part of China ∟Hong Kong