What language is Ong Namo Guru Devnamo?

Ong namo guru dev namo (Sanskrit: ॐ नमो गुरु देव् नमो) is an important mantra used often in Kundalini yoga. This mantra means “I bow, or salutations to the divine teacher.” It can also be viewed as meaning, ” bow to the teacher within.” It is also sometimes called the Adi mantra.

What does Sat Nam mean in yoga?

I am truth
Together, Sat Nam essentially translates into something deeper: “I am truth,” or “Truth is my essence.” Sat Nam is known as a bija (seed) mantra—a one-syllable sound that activates the chakras.

What is the chant at the beginning of Kundalini Yoga?

ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO: Directly translated to “I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher”, this is the opening Mantra chanted at the beginning of a Kundalini Yoga practice. It opens up your spiritual channel, and allows you to tune in to your divine inner knowledge.

What does Namo Namo mean?

Yogapedia explains Om Namo Shri Namo — literally meaning ”to bow” or “bow to,” this is used as a salutation or greeting of reverence to whatever or whomever comes next.

What is Sat Kriya good for?

Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini Yoga. It works directly to stimulate and channel the kundalini energy. It improves physical health with a gentle rhythmic massage of the internal organs, and it strengthens the heart through the rhythmic pumping motion of the Navel Point.

What does Sat Nam waheguru mean?

Satnam is derived from the Sanskrit, sat, meaning “truth,” and nam, meaning “name,” and is used as another name for the Supreme Being or Waheguru. Sri is a title of veneration, and so the mantra can be translated as “Great is the Divine, the teacher who leads me from darkness to light.”

Why do they wear white in Kundalini?

Why wear white? Yogi Bhajan claimed that your aura extends nine feet around your body, but the color white extends your aura by an extra foot, providing more protection from harmful energy and projects your positive energy out to inspire others and attract prosperity into your life.