What logo has a kangaroo?

Qantas is an Australian airline with a kangaroo logo.

What logo is a red triangle with a white kangaroo?

Qantas. Qantas brilliantly replicates the feeling of joy and happiness when boarding your flight to a magical destination, by replicating the look of an airplane’s tail fin with a simple triangle and their iconic kangaroo. The kangaroo is beautifully silhouetted by the red shading, which is also an eye-catching color.

What is the red triangle logo called?

Reebok. In 2014, Reebok switched to a soft, segmented red triangle logo.

What car has a red triangle logo?

Source Mitsubishi
Source Mitsubishi features a logo with three red diamonds arranged in the shape of a triangle. The logo represents the combination of two family crests.

Why is kangaroo Australian icon?

Kangaroo emblems and logos The kangaroo and emu are bearers on the Australian Coat of Arms. It has been claimed these animals were chosen to signify a country moving ‘forward’ because of a common belief that neither can move backward. Two red kangaroos serve as bearers to the Coat of Arms of Western Australia.

What does a kangaroo symbolize?

Kangaroos symbolize ambition, protection, strength, and ease of movement.

What is the Reebok logo?

The original Reebok logo depicts the Union Jack, portraying the company’s humble beginnings in Bolton, England in 1895. In 1986, Reebok unveiled a second emblem, often termed as “the vector”. The emblem was introduced to symbolize a new era of “performance” product.

What does a triangle logo mean?

3. Triangle logos. Triangles are a dynamic and less common logo shape. Triangles are associated with stability and ingenuity, as well as mysticism, and the arts. The harsh lines and dramatic geometry of triangles can make for some very playful logos.

What clothing brand has a triangle?

Sportswear brand adidas for example uses the triangle shape to represent a mountain and as such the obstacles we have to overcome in life.