What means come undone?

(colloquial) To become disintegrated, to break into parts or pieces. quotations ▼synonym ▲ Synonym: fall apart. (figuratively) To come to ruin, to fail. He came undone when his wife refused to support him.

What does oof mean in Spanish?

exclamation. 1. (expresando cansancio, sofocación) oof! informal. (expresando cansancio, sofocación) whew!

What does PCA mean in Spanish?

principal el director
component el componente
analysis el análisis
pca no direct translation

What does OTP mean in Spanish slang?

OTP, (contraseña de un solo uso) one-time password, the ~ Noun.

Who wrote come undone?

Warren Cuccurullo
Nick RhodesSimon Le BonJohn Taylor
Come Undone/Composers

What UF means?

RO, UV, UF and TDS meaning

RO Reverse Osmosis
UV Ultraviolet
UF Ultra Filtration
TDS Total Dissolved Solids

What does GTS mean in texting?

Overall, the trending acronym GTS stands for “go to sleep” or “going to sleep.” People use this to end a conversation late at night. This phrase is most popular over texting and social media, and is usually not used when speaking with someone in person.

What does unexecuted mean?

not carried out
Definition of unexecuted : not carried out : unperformed an unexecuted plan specifically : not carried out legally according to its terms an unexecuted agreement.

What is another word for broken?

What is another word for broken?

smashed fragmented
demolished fractured
ruptured severed
shivered cracked
crushed separated