What nickname did the Confederates give John Bell Hood?

John Bell Hood (June 1 or June 29, 1831 – August 30, 1879) was a Confederate general during the American Civil War….

John Bell Hood
Nickname(s) Sam
Born June 1, 1831 orJune 29, 1831 Owingsville, Kentucky, US
Died August 30, 1879 (aged 48) New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Buried Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Where is general John Bell Hood buried?

Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LAJohn Bell Hood / Place of burialMetairie Cemetery is a cemetery in southeastern Louisiana. The name has caused some people to mistakenly presume that the cemetery is located in Metairie, Louisiana, but it is located within the New Orleans city limits, on Metairie Road. Wikipedia

Where was John Bell Hood from?

Owingsville, KYJohn Bell Hood / Place of birthOwingsville is a home rule-class city in Bath County, Kentucky, in the United States. The population was 1,530 during the year 2010 U.S. Census. It is the county seat and is located roughly at the county’s center, at the junction of US 60 and Kentucky 36. It is part of the Mount Sterling micropolitan area. Wikipedia

What role did John Bell Hood play during the American Civil War?

Lieutenant General John Bell Hood was a Confederate commander during the American Civil War (1861-1865). A native of Kentucky, he elected to represent his adopted state of Texas in the Confederate Army and quickly earned a reputation as an aggressive and fearless leader.

Was John Bell Hood at Gettysburg?

He was promoted to major general in 1862 serving with distinction at Sharpsburg and at Fredericksburg. Hood was a significant player at the Battle of Gettysburg, being ordered by Longstreet to attack the Union’s left flank against his own wishes.

Who did John Bell Hood marry?

Anna Marie Hennen
John Bell Hood: Later Life In 1868 he married a Louisiana woman named Anna Marie Hennen, with whom he would eventually have 11 children including three sets of twins. Hood’s wife and one of his children died during a yellow fever epidemic in 1879, and he succumbed to the disease shortly thereafter at the age of 48.

What is John Bell Hood known for?

John Bell Hood was a U.S. military officer who served as a Confederate general during the Civil War (1861-65). A graduate of West Point, Hood joined the Confederacy in 1861 and gained a reputation as a talented field commander during the Peninsula Campaign and the Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862.

Who were John Bell Hood’s parents?

John Wills Hood
Theodosia French Hood
John Bell Hood/Parents

Who was the greatest Confederate general?

The Top 5 Greatest Confederate Generals: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, James Longstreet, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Patrick Cleburne.

Who is the youngest 4 star general?

At age fifty-two, he became the second youngest four-star general in the U.S. Army’s history after Douglas MacArthur….

Alfred Gruenther
Commands held Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1953–1956)
Battles/wars World War II
Awards Distinguished Service Medal (4)
Other work American Red Cross president (1957–1964)

Did general Hood own slaves?

Hood was from Kentucky, which declared itself neutral in the war, and had previously served in the US Cavalry after graduating from West Point, where he met Lee. The Hood family owned seven slaves in the 1830 census and had 11 slaves by 1840, and Hood himself had a fortune of nearly $10,000 by the end of his life.