What number is Fox Sports Network on DIRECTV?

channel 219
What channel is FOX Sports 1 HD on DIRECTV? FOX Sports 1 HD is on channel 219.

How do I contact Fox Sports?

For general questions, media inquiries and to be added to our distribution list, email [email protected]

What channel is Fox on DIRECTV Houston?

The extensive channel lineup with DIRECTV packages includes local and popular networks such as ABC, PBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, MNTV, FOX, and many others….What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

City FOX Channel Number on DIRECTV
New York City, NY 5
Chicago, IL 32
Los Angeles, CA 11
Houston, TX 26

Is Fox Sports free on directv?

How much is Fox Sports on DIRECTV? If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER, Fox Sports 1 comes in your channel lineup at no extra cost.

How do I contact Fox Nation customer service?

Customer Care: https://help.fox.com/s/article/How-do-I-Redeem-the-First-Responder-Offer. Email: [email protected] Offer Web Address: foxnation.com/first-responders. To learn more about your rights under CCPA and our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy.

What is the phone number for Fox News?

(888) 369-4762Fox News / Customer service

Where can I watch the Astros game on directv?

Below are a few places where you can watch the Astros.

  • REGIONAL SPORTS LINEUP (only available in some areas)
  • FOX SPORTS 1 – DirecTV 219.
  • MLB NETWORK DirecTV 213.
  • ESPN 2 DirecTV 209.
  • BALLY SPORTS DirecTV 692.

What channel is 676 on directv?

What channel is Bally Sports Southwest Extra 4 HD on DIRECTV? Bally Sports Southwest Extra 4 HD is on channel 676.

What channel is Fox Sports 2 on DirecTV?

channel 618
What channel is FOX Sports 2 HD on DIRECTV? FOX Sports 2 HD is on channel 618.

Why is Fox not working on DirecTV?

AT DirecTV customers no longer have access to local affiliate programming from major networks including ABC, Fox, NBC The CW and CBS due to an ongoing contract dispute with Nexstar.