What percentage of France is ethnic?

In 2004, it was estimated that 85% of the population of Metropolitan France was white or of European origin, with 10% from North Africa, 3.5% Black and 1.5% Asian.

Is French an ethnic group?

The French people (French: Fran├žais) are an ethnic group and nation primarily located in Western Europe that share a common French culture, history and language are identified with the country of France.

What is the black population in France?

France is believed to be home to an estimated three to five million black people or possibly as high as 7.5% of the population.

Are the French Germanic?

French is not a Germanic language, but rather, a Latin or a Romance language that has been influenced by both Celtic languages like Gaelic, Germanic languages like Frankish and even Arabic, other Romance languages such as Spanish and Italian or more recently, English.

What percentage of France is French?

This statistic shows the distribution of the French population by origin as of January 1, 2020. It displays that 87.8 percent of the resident population acquired French nationality at birth.

Where do most migrants in France come from?

In 2018, 13% of immigrants in France were born in Algeria; 11.9% in Morocco; 9.2% in Portugal; 4.4% in Tunisia; 4.3% in Italy; 3.8% in Turkey; and 3.7% in Spain. Half of France’s immigrants (50.3%) come from these seven countries.

What are the major ethnic groups in France?


  • Nationality
  • Ethnic groups
  • Languages. The World Factbook,une source indispensable d’informations de base.
  • Religions. Christian (overwhelmingly Roman Catholic) 63-66%,Muslim 7-9%,Buddhist 0.5-0.75%,Jewish 0.5-0.75%,other 0.5-1.0%,none 23-28% (2015 est.)
  • Age structure
  • Dependency ratios
  • Median age
  • Population growth rate
  • Birth rate
  • What is the percentage of ethnic groups in France?

    Ethnic groups in France percentage. Meanwhile, 14% of all immigrants who settled in France that year were from Asian countries: 3% of China and 2% in Turkey, while in America and Oceania constitute 10% of Americans and Brazilians accounted for higher percentage, 2% each.

    What is The racial makeup of France?

    France has had many ethnic and religious minorities, including Germans, Swiss, Italians, Protestants, Jews, Gypsies, and Mennonites. It’s important to learn the history of the ethnic, racial, and religious groups your ancestors belonged to. For example, you might study a history of the Protestants in France, Jews in Alsace, or Mennonites in

    What is the ethnic makeup of France?

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