What should a school newspaper have?

A good student newspaper is one written by students, for students. The newspaper should serve as an information source for school events and activities as well as a reliable source of entertainment or advice. A good school newspaper should catch the interest of the students and also explain things in an easy fun way.

What do school newspapers cover?

Common topics that school papers cover include: School events, such as dances, pep rallies, and assemblies. School news. Interviews with new students and staff. School sports teams, clubs, and performing groups.

How do you write a newspaper article for a school project?

Writing Articles for the School Newspaper

  1. The first paragraph.
  2. Who, what, where, when, and, maybe, why, and how.
  3. Make the story interesting.
  4. Use clean, crisp English. News writing should be short and to the point. News stories deliver the facts quickly.
  5. Add pictures.
  6. Be accurate.
  7. Be fair.
  8. Spell Check.

How do I find ideas for articles?

15 Ways to Generate New Article Ideas

  1. Have a niche.
  2. Write an impassioned opinion piece.
  3. Write a self-help column.
  4. Peruse trending topics.
  5. Follow up on a previous story.
  6. Write an explanatory article about a piece of national news.
  7. Write a pop culture roundup.
  8. Seek out personal stories.

How do I start a school newspaper?


  1. Step #1 — Get Permission & Secure a Room.
  2. Step #2 — Secure a Newspaper Staff.
  3. Step #3 — Choose Design Software.
  4. Step #4 — Determine the Number of Issues to Print Each Year.
  5. Step #5 — Raising Funds for Your School Newspaper.
  6. Step #6 — Make Your First School Newspaper.

What are the best topics to write an article?

Article Writing Topics

  • Article on Advertisement as a Source of Information.
  • Article on Avoid Junk Food and Adhere to Healthy Diet.
  • Article on Awareness of Driving and Road Safety Rules for School Students.
  • Article on Ban on Tobacco.
  • Article on Beautiful Mind, Better than a Fair Complexion.
  • Article on Beggars – A Nuisance.

What are some good article topics?

50 Title Ideas When You’re Writing Articles/Blogs

  • Why I Blog.
  • My Love Affair With…
  • Interview with (someone who’s no longer living – you make up the answers you think they’d give)
  • A Charity You Should Know About.
  • If I Ran the World.
  • 5 Books You Need to Read.
  • The One Thing I Do Every Day.
  • If Keyboards Could Talk.

What are some good ideas for a school newspaper article?

How to Cope During this Pandemic – perhaps have a portion or column dealing with this.

  • Teacher or School Staff Spotlight – Have an interview with a teacher or staff.
  • Interview of Professionals – The purpose is to give students an idea what
  • How to write a school news article?

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    How do you create a newspaper article?

    Take a moment and look, page by page, at the variety of stories presented in today’s paper. Think of those who wrote the stories, those who edited the stories, those who laid out the stories, those who printed the stories and those who delivered the stories. Now imagine all those people doing those jobs every publication day.

    What makes good newspaper article?

    Easy and Clear Language. Making your news article linguistically complicated is not something your reader appreciates.

  • Use Active Voice. Being a journalist,your job is to inform ‘WHO’ did what.
  • Polish Your Article. Last but not the least,once you are done with structuring your article,read it again to revise and refine it.