What should my HydroStat be set at?

For proper operation, the low temperature limit setting should be at least 10° below the high limit setting. NOTE: For cold start operation, the low limit must be turned OFF. IMPOR- TANT: If low limit temperature cannot be set above 140°F, remove jumper . (Setting range: OFF or 110°-200°F).

What does a Fuel Smart HydroStat do?

The new Fuel Smart HydroStat control uses Thermal Targeting? technology to analyze thermostat activity and continually evaluate how much heat the house requires. When it is very cold outside, the heat demand is high and the Fuel Smart HydroStat raises the boiler? s temperature to provide needed heat to the home.

What does HydroStat do on boiler?

Enhanced Condensing Protection: To reduce the potential for condensing, on a call for heat, this feature allows the boiler to heat to 125°F prior to energizing the circulator. Once activated, the control continues to monitor boiler temperature and interrupts the circulator if it drops below 115°F.

What temp should my oil boiler be set to?

Recommended Boiler Temperature Settings The range of 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit should be ideal for low-temperature settings, whereas 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit should be perfect for high-temperature settings. However, you will need to avoid overheating your boiler as this may result in bursting or boiler leaking.

What is economy setting on boiler?

What is Eco-Mode? The Eco-Mode means that your pre-heating function will be off. Simple as that. In a regular, or comfort mode, the pre-heat function will be on and hot water will be ready to come out of the tap on demand. In Eco-Mode the water is not pre-heated.

What does a HydroStat do?

Fuel Smart HydroStat uses Thermal Targeting technology to analyze thermostat activity and continually evaluate how much heat the house requires. When it’s very cold outside, the heat demand is high and Fuel Smart HydroStat will raise the boiler’s target temperature to provide needed heat to the home.

How do you adjust the water temperature on a Weil Mclain boiler?

Push the setting dial to enter the Temperature Setting mode. When pressed, the display will show ‘OFF’ or the current temperature setting. Turn the dial to select the desired water temperature to be maintained in the water heater.

Should I use the ECO button on my boiler?

As the name suggests, the eco-mode option uses less energy than a standard setting. Therefore, it is cheaper, if only by a few pence – but every little helps if you are trying to save money. If you are attempting to bring your energy bills down, installing a £39 item in your home could slash a third of your gas bill.

How many functions does the fuel smart hydrostat have?

The three-function Fuel Smart HydroStat is factory equipped on many premier boiler lines. It is also available at leading plumbing & heating wholesalers for upgrading existing gas and oil fired boilers with fuel-saving Boiler Reset Functionality.

What are the optional features of the hydrostat?

» Click here to read more about the Hydrostat’s optional features. For oil boilers. Cold Start or Warm Start operation. Thermal Targeting feature factory set to off position.

What do the led status lights on my aquastat mean?

*Aquastat is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc. LED Status Lights Continually indicates which functions are active and if the control is holding the burner off for any reason. •TEMP ACTIVE – Indicates the control is powered and the tempera- ture function is active.

What are outdoor sensor kits for Hydrolevel?

(sold separately) Hydrolevel’s optional Outdoor Sensor Kits automatically activate outdoor reset functionality and warm weather shutdown capability when used with the HydroStat-Pluscontrol. These easy-to-install kits are available at Hydrolevel distributors. Part No. Description