What side dish goes with Pongal?

Very Good Recipes of Side Dish and Pongal

  • Pasi Paruppu Sambar-Moong Dal Sambar-Tiffin Sambar-Side dish for Pongal-Idli –
  • Pongal Gotsu | Tiffin Side dish –
  • Kathirikai Gothsu | Brinjal Gothsu side dish for Pongal –
  • Kathirikai Gothsu | Brinjal Gothsu side dish for Pongal –

What do you eat with Khara Pongal?

Serving Suggestions Usually we simply have ven pongal with a side of curd (yogurt) or mango pickle. But it is traditionally served with coconut chutney or sambar. Durga ji suggests to have khara pongal with either onion gothsu or brinjal gothsu or coconut chutney or idli sambar or kalyana gothsu.

What is a gotsu?

Onion Tomato Gotsu or simply called as Thakkali Kosthu is a side dish that’s served with idli, dosas and pongal that’s popular in my native Kumbakonam and Tanjore. Some also call it as Quick Thakkali (Tomato) sambar as it gets done very quickly especially when you have guests at home and this one can feed a crowd.

Is used in pongal along with Jeera?

Answer. i) Pepper is used in pongal along with jeera.

Is pongal and khichdi same?

Ven Pongal is a South Indian version of savory porridge. Pongal or Khichdi or Khichuri is made in numerous different varieties in India. It’s called Pongal in Southern Part of India, Khichdi in Gujarat, Khichuri in Bengal, so on and so forth. Khichdi or Pongal is a very simple comfort food of millions.

How do you make Kothsu?

Add all the spice powders – turmeric powder, red chili powder and dhania powder / coriander powder along with salt. Mix well. Add the tamarind extract and let the gotsu come to a boil. Simmer and let it cook for about 5 – 7 minutes or until the tomatoes are cooked.

Which is a key ingredient of pongal?

The key ingredients to make a good pongal are good quality ghee, curry leaves, pepper, ginger and hing. There are no substitutes to these ingredients and do not skip any of these. Ensure ghee is flavorful and fresh.

Which of these is a key ingredient of pongal?

Pongal, also known as pongali or huggi, is an Indian rice dish. In Tamil, “pongal” means “boil” or “bubbling up”….Pongal (dish)

A bowl of pongal
Alternative names Pongali
Main ingredients Sweet: rice, milk, jaggery, coconut pieces, or mung bean Spicy: rice, pepper or tamarind rice

Which day we should not eat khichdi?

Let us know. Don’t do these on Tuesdays- it says that even on Tuesdays, urad dal should not be consumed by mistake and eating urad on this day can make the chance of Shani Mars a problem for your health. At the same time, it is said that Urad belongs to Saturn and therefore do not consume it on Tuesdays.