What size blade does a Delta scroll saw take?

Uses standard, five-inch, plain end blades.

How do you put a blade on a Delta scroll saw?

How to Install a Delta Scroll Saw Blade

  1. Unplug the scroll saw’s power cord.
  2. Remove the table insert.
  3. Pull the tension lever forward.
  4. Push the blade holding locking levers to the rear.
  5. Insert the bottom of the new blade into the blade holder under the scroll saw table through the hole in the table.

Where are Delta scroll saws made?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Delta Power Tools
Part Number ‎40-694
Item Weight ‎60 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎30 x 20 x 13 inches
Country of Origin ‎Taiwan

What is a scroll saw used for?

Scroll saws have a thin blade that allows you to cut intricate curves and corners. For advanced users, this means inlay work, musical instruments, dovetail joints and other types of joinery.

How tight should a scroll saw blade be?

IF you can move the scroll saw blade with your fingers after installation and tensioning, the blade should be re-tensioned. When properly tensioned, the scroll saw blade should resist any movement when gently twisted or pushed with your fingers. A word of caution at this point is wise.

How thick of wood can you cut with a scroll saw?

2 inches
A scroll saw is an excellent tool for carving or cutting materials that are fairly thin. Most blades can cut through materials up to 2 inches deep – although use caution. A particularly hard 2 inch material will wreck your blade.

Why do I keep breaking scroll saw blades?

Using too much tension or too little tension while you are sawing is a leading cause of scroll saw blades breaking. Whether you are applying too much tension or too little tension, using improper tension is a surefire way to break your scroll saw blades.

How long should a scroll saw blade last?

15-45 minutes
Scroll saw blades tend to last for 15-45 minutes of continual use on most wood types at moderate speeds. Thick or hardwood, high operating speeds, or tension issues (too tight/too loose) all contribute to a short blade lifespan.