What size thread is a tow hook?

The tow hook thread isn’t proprietary per se, but it is somewhat unique. The diameter is 5/8″ and the pitch is 8. The major & minor diameters fall in spec with ACME style threads—here’s where it gets interesting—the tow hook threads are rounded whereas ACME threads are flat-topped.

Are tow hook threads universal?

They’re not universal. The thread has to match. As someone with a winch, it wouldn’t be something I’d winch off of anyway.

What size bolt is a tow hook?

That is about 13/16 in standard which would be a 9/16 bolt.

Are all tow hooks the same size?

Most are pretty basic. So long as you don’t have a really heavy car they should all work fine. Make sure they have plenty of thread and use loc-tite when installing. Some attachment points are tucked under the car which requires a different style than ones that protrude.

Are tow hooks reverse thread?

FYI, the tow hook is reverse threaded.

Are all BMW tow hooks the same?

Yes, BMW does use the same part in many different vehicles sometimes…and in this case the e39’s tow hook is used on multiple BMW models as well as some Rolls Royce models.

Are all front tow hooks the same?

There are many types of tow hooks, and you can get aftermarket hooks as well as the ones made by the vehicle manufacturer. There are also a wide variety of styles you can choose from, and it’s always important to keep in mind that you need the right type of tow hook for the attachment points on your car.

Why are towing eyes left hand thread?

Why do many car towing eyes have left-hand thread? I dont know in numbers but most cars should be left hand thread, the reason is due to the way a rope is woven ! although most people use towing bars these days if a rope is used when under tension it trys to unwind by design hence a towing eye being left hand thread.

Do all cars use same tow hook?

Fortunately, most if not all cars and trucks will come with a set of tow hooks provided by the vehicle manufacturer, and you can rest assured that those will fit perfectly on to the attachment points on your vehicle’s frame.