What state has the most coastline in the lower 48?


State or territory Method 1 (CRS) Method 2 (NOAA)
Coastline Rank
Alaska 6,640 mi (10,690 km) 1
Florida 1,350 mi (2,170 km) 2
California 840 mi (1,350 km) 5

Does Alaska has a longer coastline than all of the other 49 US states put together?

ALASKA FUN FACT: A Coastline Longer than the Other 49 States Combined! Alaska is surrounded on three sides by big water from three different seas: the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea. The state claims 6,640 miles of coastline and, including islands, has 33,904 miles of shoreline.

What state has the most coastline in the continental US?

The Top Ten: States with Longest Coastlines

Rank State Miles?General Coastline
1. Alaska 6,640
2. Florida 1,350
3. California 840
4. Hawaii 750

Which state has the longest coastline after Alaska?

US States With The Longest Coastlines

Rank US State Coastline Length
1 Alaska 33,904 mi (54,563 km)
2 Florida 8,436 mi (13,576 km)
3 Louisiana 7,721 mi (12,426 km)
4 Maine 3,478 mi (5,597 km)

What US county has the longest coastline?

To begin, Hawaii has got us beat. The County of Hawaii (the Big Island) has 313 miles of shoreline while the County of Maui (the islands of Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i) have 343 miles.

What lake has the most shoreline in the United States?

Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods takes the cake for the longest shoreline in the U.S., stretching 25,000 miles. However, if you also count the shoreline of its tens of thousands of islands (14,522 to be exact), that number reaches 65,000.

Which US state has more coastline than the other 49 combined?

Alaska also has more than 34,000 miles of coastline, more than the other 49 states combined.

What country has the longest coastline?

Coastline: Canada’s coastline is the world’s longest, measuring 243,042 km (includes the mainland coast and the coasts of offshore islands). This compares with Indonesia (54,716 km), Russia (37,653 km), the United States (19,924 km) and China (14,500 km).

What Lake has the most shoreline in the United States?

Which state has the second longest coastline?

Andhra Pradesh
The length of the coastline is 974 km along with the Coromandel Coast between the Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal.

How long is the Alaskan coastline?

Alaska has the longest coastline in the Nation. Alaska’s 66,000 miles of Arctic and sub-Arctic shorelines and coastal ecosystems are geologically complex and diverse.

What Great Lake is the shallowest?

Lake Erie
Lake Erie is by far the shallowest of the lakes, with an average depth of just 19 meters (62 ft).

How many counties are in Alaska?

Alaska counties 1 Aleutians East Borough 2 Aleutians West Census Area 3 Anchorage Municipality 4 Dillingham Census Area 5 Fairbanks North Star Borough 6 Hoonah-Angoon Census Area 7 Kenai Peninsula Borough 8 Ketchikan Gateway Borough 9 Kodiak Island Borough 10 Kusilvak Census Area

What are the boroughs and census areas in Alaska?

List of boroughs and census areas in Alaska. Six consolidated city-borough governments exist— Juneau City and Borough, Skagway Municipality, Sitka City and Borough, Yakutat City and Borough, Wrangell City and Borough, as well as the state’s largest city, Anchorage. Though its legal name is the Municipality of Anchorage,…

Where is Alaska located on the map?

Alaska occupies the northwestern portion of the North American continent and is bordered only by Canada on the east. It is one of two U.S. states not bordered by another state; Hawaii is the other. Alaska has more ocean coastline than all of the other U.S. states combined.

What is the coastal region of Alaska known for?

The region comprises western Cook Inlet, Bristol Bay and its watersheds, the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands. It is known for wet and stormy weather, tundra landscapes, and large populations of salmon, brown bears, caribou, birds, and marine mammals.