What substrate does Trichoderma viride produce?

Different studies have evaluated and optimized different substrates for the production of Trichoderma species, among them, the dry mass of corn fiber, sewage sludge, compost, sawdust, rice straw, cow dung, rice bran, vegetable waste, residues of fruit juices and rotten wheat [18].

How do you multiply Trichoderma water?

Sprinkle the heap with water intermittently. Turn the mixture in every 3-4 days interval and then broadcast in the field. Plant Treatment: Drench the soil near stem region with 10g Trichoderma powder mixed in a liter of water.

How does Trichoderma reproduce?

Most Trichoderma strains have no sexual stage but instead produce only asexual spores. However, for a few strains the sexual stage is known, but not among strains that have usually been considered for biocontrol purposes. The sexual stage, when found, is within the Ascomycetes in the genus Hypocrea.

How do you mass multiply Trichoderma?

Methodology. Take 200g of Rice/Wheat/Jower/Maize in the poly pack and add 200 ml of fresh water in the pack (if grains contain dust then wash it twice before adding fresh water). Place the plastic pipe/Bamboo in the middle of the plastic pack (opening end) in such a way that level of the pipe and plastic remain equal.

What is the use of Trichoderma viride?

Trichoderma viride is a fungus and a biofungicide. It is used for seed- and soil treatment for suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens.

How do you use Trichoderma viride liquid?

Usage Instructions: Soil Drenching & Spraying: Mix 1 L of Hasiru Liquid Trichoderma thoroughly with 100 L of water in a plastic drum. For drenching apply this solution to the root zone of the plants. For spraying, use the solution with suitable spreader/ sticker and spray during the cooler period of the day.

How is Trichoderma used in agriculture?

Soil treatment: Mix 5 to 10 kg of Trichoderma [Powder formulation] 2 to 3 L [ Liquid formulation] in 100 kg of farmyard manure and cover it for 7 days with polythene. Mix the mixture in every 3-4 days interval before broadcasting in the field.

How do you get Trichoderma in mother culture?

Preparation of mother culture The medium is prepared and dispensed into conical flasks and sterilized at 15 lb pressure for 15 minutes in an autoclave. After the medium is cooled it is in inoculated with 10 days old fungal disc of T. viride and then incubated for 10 days for fungal growth.

How fast does Trichoderma grow?

Many Trichoderma species have a distinctive sweet scent which is often compared to coconuts. The colony is fast growing, and it will typically mature within five days.

How do you add Trichoderma to soil?

You can apply it directly into the furrow when planting. If you are planting turf, you can mix the fungus into the surface of the soil. For greenhouse or nursery planting, mix with your potting medium. Apply directly into the planting hole if you are transplanting trees or shrubs.

What is Trichoderma viride used for?

Trichoderma viride is mainly used in biofertilizers as biocontrol agent for plant pathogenic fungi in crops. Trichoderma sp. determines the promising results in postharvest control of the growth and toxin accumulation from Fusarium moniliforme in corn during storage (Yates et al., 1999).

How does Trichoderma viride work?

Mechanism of Action of Trichoderma viride Antibiosis: It secretes antibacterial substances to inhibit the growth of plant pathogens; 3. Symbiosis and resistance induction: the co-growth of Trichoderma viride and plant roots activates the plant’s internal defense system and improves the plant’s disease resistance; 4.

How to produce Trichoderma viride materials?

Mass production of Trichoderma viride Materials : 1)Potato 2)Dextrose 3)Glass wares 4)Spirit lamp 5)Pure culture of fungus 6)Laminar air flow 7)Ethyl alcohol 8)Cotton plug, rubber band,alluminium foil etc. 4. Inoculation: 5. MIXING OF CULTURE

What is the mode of action of Trichoderma?

mode of action of trichoderma, antibiotics produced and thus their role of in plant disease management 1. Safeena Majeed, A.A PALB 6132 et54y65udfdsgfdgf 2. Role of Trichoderma in plant disease management

How to use mother culture for the preparation of Trichoderma?

Take mother culture (Talc based) by using opposite end of the spoon and pour it in to the plastic pack, removing cotton plug in front of candle. Plug it again and keep the plastic pack in room temperature for 10-12 days. The entire grain based medium will turn green due to sporulation of Trichoderma Do not open the cotton plug until use.

Where can I get information about Trichoderma?

2 Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University, 85084, Lincoln, 7647, New Zealand. Members of the genus Trichoderma comprise the majority of commercial fungal biocontrol agents of plant diseases.