What time does the UMD bookstore open?


Mon 10am-6pm
Wed 10am-6pm
Thu 10am-6pm
Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-6pm

How do I order textbooks from UMD?

Click on the “Textbooks-UMD” tab to have your materials automatically populate in our website at umdstores.com. Use this list to order online or shop in-store.

Where can I find UMD textbooks?

The University Book Center is a “one-stop-shop” and you will have many choices of various available textbook formats, such as new and used books, rental options, and easy to get digital choices as well.

Are UMD libraries open?

Current Status McKeldin Library and branch libraries are operating on regular, Spring semester hours. Masks are not required in library spaces. However, masks should be worn by anyone who is positive or has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with the virus, per campus guidance.

How many libraries are at UMD?

The university’s library system includes eight libraries: six are located on the College Park campus, while the Severn Library, an off-site storage facility, is located just outside campus, and the Priddy Library is located on the University System of Maryland satellite campus in Shady Grove.

What famous person has graduated from University of Maryland?

Discover the notable alumni of University Of Maryland. The list includes people like Larry David, Sergey Brin, Kathleen Turner, Dianne Wiest & Connie Chung.

What is TERPmail?

TERPmail is the new e-mail, scheduling, and collaboration environment available for undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. It is built on Google Apps and is the de-facto system for student e-mail communication.

Is UMD library open to public?

Anyone can use our facilities and materials in the eight branches* of the UMD Libraries during normal operating hours.

How many alumni does University of Maryland have?

Founded in 1856, UMD is the flagship institution of the University System of Maryland. It is also the largest university in both the state and the Washington metropolitan area, with more than 41,000 students representing all fifty states and 123 countries, and a global alumni network of over 388,000.

What is the acceptance rate for University of Maryland?

51% (2020)University of Maryland / Acceptance rate