What time is Crssd?

In preparation for the two-day fest, organizers FNGRS CRSSD have revealed the set times so attendees can start planning out their weekend. Both days will see gates opening at 12PM, with Saturday’s festivities ending at 11PM and Sunday’s at 10PM.

Who produces CRSSD Festival?

DAY. MVS XL is produced by FNGRS CRSSD, the same San Diego company behind CRSSD Festival, the electronic music fete that debuted at Waterfront Park in 2015 and is held each spring and fall. The 2020 fall edition of CRSSD Festival and the 2020 DAY.

How big is Crssd?

CRSSD Festival regularly draws a capacity audience of 15,000 per day to Waterfront Park.

Will CRSSD happen in 2021?

ZHU, KAYTRANADA, Flying Lotus. San Diego’s premiere music festival for electronic music, CRSSD, has announced the lineup for their long-awaited return to Waterfront Park.

Where is CRSSD Festival held?

Waterfront ParkCRSSD Festival / Event location

Where is Crssd?

What is happening in San Diego in March?

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  • Busker Fest 2022.
  • St.
  • March Madness.
  • Sesame Place Grand Opening.

Can you go in and out of Crssd?

-Do make sure you have everything you need for the all-day affair prior to entering, because once you’re in, there’s no going back. There is absolutely no re-entry at this year’s shindig. -Do consider purchasing a locker, which includes a secure cell-charging port inside, for $25 per day or $40 for both days.

Does Crssd do one day tickets?

CRSSD festival – Weekend passes are officially sold out! LAST CALL single day tickets remain!