What time is high tide in Queenscliff today?


High 11:04 AM 1.00m
Low 5:13 PM 0.27m
High 12:45 AM 1.05m
Low 5:33 AM 0.60m

What time is the high tide near me?

Tides in Los Angeles, CA for Today & Tomorrow 5/3/2022: The tide now in Los Angeles, CA is falling. Next high tide is 12:20 pm. Next low tide is 5:45 am.

What time is high tide in Geelong today?

Sunrise is at 7:14am and sunset is at 5:22pm….Today’s tide times for Geelong: Friday 13 May 2022.

Tide Time (AEST)& Date Height
High Tide 11:45 PM(Fri 13 May) 2.82 ft (0.86 m)

What time is high tide at Victor Harbour?

Sunrise is at 7:03am and sunset is at 5:19pm….Today’s tide times for Victor Harbour: Sunday 15 May 2022.

Tide Time (ACST)& Date Height
High Tide 00:06 AM(Sun 15 May) 2.76 ft (0.84 m)
Low Tide 5:13 AM(Sun 15 May) 1.41 ft (0.43 m)
High Tide 12:37 PM(Sun 15 May) 4.07 ft (1.24 m)
Low Tide 7:13 PM(Sun 15 May) 1.8 ft (0.55 m)

Where are the fish biting in Geelong?

Corio bay surrounds the Geelong area and offers exceptional fishing all year round. There are many scattered piers and jetties making it a great and accessible fishing location. There are many fishing spots to target including Cunningham Pier, Waterfront, St Helen’s ramp & Limeburners point just to name a few.

What time is fishing in Geelong?

Tide times for fishing in Geelong this week

Day 1st Tide Major fishing
30 Sat 1:39am ▲ 0.9 m 10:44am 11:15pm
1 Sun 3:02am ▲ 0.9 m 11:28am 11:59pm
2 Mon 3:54am ▲ 0.9 m 12:14pm
3 Tue 4:37am ▲ 0.9 m 12:45am 1:03pm

What month does a spring tide occur?

Spring tides happen just after every full and new moon, when the sun, moon and earth are in line. That’s when lunar and solar tides line up and reinforce each other, making a bigger total tide. Neap tides occur when the moon is in the first or third quarter – when the sun, earth and moon form a right angle.