What Turbo is on CA18DET?

Garrett T25
It uses a single Garrett T25 (. 48A/R) turbo charger unit on a ‘T2’ flanged exhaust manifold.

How much power can a CA18DET handle?

If you are asking how much you should boost on a ca18det without freshing it up I would run somewhere between 200-250 rwhp if your motor has decent compression. Thats also on the safe side. If you have forged pistons 300 rwhp shouldn’t be too hard for a ca18det to do.

How much HP does a CA18DET have?

166 hp
The 1.8 L CA18DET was the last version of the CA engine to be released. It produces 124 kW (169 PS; 166 hp) and 228 N⋅m (168 lb⋅ft). It received a brand new DOHC aluminum head with 16 valves.

Is the CA18DET a good engine?

Re: CA18DET reliability It is a reliable motor, but if you get the bigger T28 with bigger backhousing and plan on running stock boost, you will not be happy. If you plan on running stock boost forever, then stick to the stock T25 and enjoy. Too many projects, but never completing any.

What cars have CA18DET engines?

Cars that housed the CA18DET: Nissan Silvia S12 RS-X, Nissan Silvia/180SX S13, Nissan Bluebird RNU12 SSS ATTESA Limited, Nissan 200SX RS13-U Europe, Nissan Auster.

What oil does a CA18DET take?

10w50 or 15w50 is bestest IMO.

How much power can a stock SR20 make?

When built properly, the SR20 can reliably support more than 700 hp at the wheels. For those seeking a reliable, cost-effective engine swap that is practically a drop in for the S13 and S14 240SX, look no further.

How much oil does a CA18DET take?

Owners manual and FSM both say 4 quarts when changing oil filter.

How much HP can a SR20DET transmission handle?

When built properly, the SR20 can reliably support more than 700 hp at the wheels.

How much boost can a stock SR20 handle?

14 psi and you are VERY close to the max limit. I wouldn’t push more than 15 psi on that setup. After that the turbo is way out of its efficiency range.