What type of flat bread that is best to use in making pinwheel sandwich?

Start small and compress the roll together as you’re rolling. Once that is complete cut the ends off both sides and cut the remaining roll into about one inch sections for your little pinwheels. Flatbread with whole wheat has a good amount of nutrients, similar to whole wheat bread.

What are pinwheel sandwiches made of?

Pinwheel sandwiches are awesome finger food for a kid-friendly lunch option, for taking along to barbeques and potlucks, or enjoyed as a healthy snack. They’re made with tortillas that are rolled together with your choice of ham or turkey, bacon, sliced cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and a cream cheese-ranch-mayo mixture.

Why is flat bread suited for pinwheel sandwich?

Pinwheels are made of a flatbread bread (like a tortilla or lavash bread) that is cut lengthwise, about 3/8 inch thick. Fresh bread is preferable because it’s easy to roll and will not crack. Trim crusts (if there are any) and flatten long slices with a rolling pin.

How far in advance can you make pinwheel sandwiches?

24 hours
Yes! Making the pinwheels up to 24 hours in advance is a great way to save time on party day. You can also try variations, like these Ranch Tortilla Roll-Ups.

What are the two ingredients of pinwheel sandwich?

These Ham and Cheese Pinwheels are made with seasoned cream cheese spread, fresh slices of deli ham and cheese and rolled up on tortillas and cut into pieces. Pinwheels are a fun appetizer or snack that are quick and easy and perfect for any occasion. Make them ahead of time for parties! Remind Me About This!

What are Italian pinwheels?

Italian Pinwheels are tasty & easy to make! Filled with ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, savory cream cheese and Italian seasonings.

Do you put lettuce in pinwheels?

Lettuce works well for this. You can also prep the sandwich toppings the night before and store them separately until assembly. When using washed lettuce leaves, they should be pat dry until completely dry. This is another way to prevent your pinwheel sandwiches from getting soggy.

How do you make pinwheel bread sandwiches?


  1. GRATE eggs into a medium bowl. Stir in paprika, mayo and salt.
  2. CUT crusts from bread, then, using a rolling pin, flatten each slice of bread. Spread each with a little butter on 1 side.
  3. LAY 4 or 5 olives at the short end of each sandwich, and roll into a short log. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap.

What are pinwheel sandwiches?

Pinwheel sandwiches are mini-sandwiches that have been rolled up in either a flour tortilla (or tortilla wrap) or flattened bread. The sandwiches are extremely versatile and can be filled with practically any sandwich combo that you love! Once filled, simply roll up the sandwiches, slice, and serve!

How many pinwheels make a burrito sandwich?

Depending on the thickness of your slices (between 1 to 1 ½-inch pinwheels) you should yield 8-10 sandwiches per 12-inch burrito-sized flour tortilla. *** Nutrition calculation is based only the Club Sandwich Pinwheels.

What do you put on a pinwheel for lunch?

This pinwheel will be a family favorite! Even with the most basic of ingredients, this pinwheel is a hit for lunch, snack or party time. Cream cheese gets flavored ranch dressing, crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and minced chives. Mix it, spread it, roll it and devour this deliciousness.

Are pinwheels good for appetizers?

These pinwheels also make awesome easy appetizers! Even picky eaters won’t be able to resist these colorful pinwheels full of healthy veggies. Use spinach tortilla wraps for maximum visual appeal as well as taste and smear it with a ranch-flavored cream cheese.