What US skier has the most Olympic medals?

Bode Miller, in full Samuel Bode Miller, (born October 12, 1977, Easton, New Hampshire, U.S.), American Alpine skier who won six Olympic medals—more than any other male American skier—and won the men’s World Cup overall championship in 2005 and 2008.

Who is the greatest American skier of all time?

1. Lindsey Vonn (1984 – ) With an HPI of 55.70, Lindsey Vonn is the most famous American Skier. Her biography has been translated into 50 different languages on wikipedia.

Who won the gold medal in skiing?

Corinne Suter of Switzerland wins the downhill, with Mikaela Shiffrin 18th.

Alpine Skiing: Women’s Downhill › Time
Gold Corinne Suter Switzerland 1:31.87
Silver Sofia Goggia Italy 1:32.03 +0.16
Bronze Nadia Delago Italy 1:32.44 +0.57

Who are famous Alpine skiers?


Pos. Name Seasons
1 Ingemar Stenmark 13 (1975–1989)
2 Marcel Hirscher 10 (2010–2019)
3 Hermann Maier 10 (1997–2009)
4 Alberto Tomba 11 (1988–1998)

Who is the most decorated alpine skier of all time?

The most decorated alpine skier in Olympic history, Kjetil André Aamodt, is known for his versatility and success on the ski course. With four Olympic titles and five World Championships, he has earned many medals in his long career, which spanned the years from 1989 to 2006.

Who won the downhill Skiing Olympics 2022?

Sara Hector
Federica BrignoneLara Gut-Behrami
Alpine skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics/Medalists

Who won men’s downhill gold medal?

Beat Feuz
Beat Feuz of Switzerland took the gold medal in the men’s blue-riband downhill event of the Alpine skiing program tonight with a time of 1:42.69 – fast enough to edge out veteran Johan Clarey of France (silver) and bronze-medallist Matthias Mayer of Austria.

Has us ever won a ski jumping medal?

It’s been almost 100 years since the U.S. won its first and only medal in ski jumping. At the Olympic Winter Games Chamonix 1924, Anders Haugen qualified for the bronze medal.

What are the rules of Olympic skiing?

– 10 km Classic – 7.5 km + 7.5 km Skiathlon – Sprint Free – Team Sprint Classic – 4×5 km Relay – 30 km Mass Start Free

What is the average speed of an Olympic mogul skier?

The top skiers are covering as many as four moguls per second! Mogul courses are between 200 and 270 metres with an average grade of 26 degrees. The moguls themselves are set approximately 3.5 metres apart. The course includes two small jumps which are used as a take-off for aerial maneuvers.

What types of skiing are there in the Olympics?

2 bronze medals awarded at 1948 men’s downhill event

  • 2 silver medals and no bronze were awarded at 1964 women’s giant slalom event
  • 2 silver medals and no bronze were awarded at 1992 women’s giant slalom event
  • 2 silver medals and no bronze were awarded at 1998 men’s super-G event
  • 2 gold medals and no silver were awarded at 2014 women’s downhill event
  • Who got hurt at the Olympics?

    Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. The pairs champions of 2010 are China’s only gold medalists in figure skating,perhaps the most popular sport at the Games worldwide.

  • Yang Yang (A). With two golds and five total medals,Yang Yang (A) has even better credentials to light the cauldron than her namesake.
  • Yang Yang (S).
  • Wang Meng.
  • Eileen Gu.
  • Han Xiaopeng.
  • Chen Lu.