What was Cardiff Bay called before?

Tiger Bay
Tiger Bay (Welsh: Bae Teigr) was the local name for an area of Cardiff which covered Butetown and Cardiff Docks. Following the building of the Cardiff Barrage, which dams the tidal rivers, Ely and Taff, to create a body of water, it is referred to as Cardiff Bay.

What was Cardiff Bay used for in the past?

The Docks became a bustling, cosmopolitan place as coal from the South Wales Valleys provided the driving force for the world’s steam engines. In 1905 Cardiff was granted City status and on the eve of the First World War coal exports from Cardiff reached their peak at over 13 million tonnes.

Why was Cardiff Bay redeveloped?

A victim of a dramatic fall in trade following World War Two and competition from other ports saw its decline and a plan was put in place to bring it back to life and reconnect it to the city centre.

What is the history of Cardiff Bay?

Cardiff owes much of its history to the Industrial Revolution of the 1790’s, which stimulated mining in the valleys of South Wales. It also gave rise to the building of the Glamorganshire Canal in 1794, which brought iron and coal down from the valleys.

Is Butetown rough?

Butetown is among the top 10 safest small towns in South Glamorgan, and is among the top 10 safest overall out of South Glamorgan’s 60 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Butetown in 2021 was 0.64 crimes per 1,000 people.

Did you know facts about Cardiff Bay?

Cardiff Bay is the largest waterfront redevelopment project in Europe. It redesigned more than 2,700 acres of then derelict land into the attractions we see today and cost over £102 million. 17. You can practice white water rafting inside the city at Cardiff International White Water.

What was done to redevelop Cardiff Bay?

The Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was set up in April 1987 to regenerate the 1,100 hectares of old derelict docklands of Cardiff and Penarth. It was part of the British government’s Urban Development Programme to regenerate particularly deprived and run-down areas of British inner cities.

What has changed in Cardiff Bay?

Today, the Cardiff docklands area is known as Cardiff Bay and it has been transformed by the Cardiff Barrage that impounds the Rivers Taff and the Ely to create a massive fresh-water lake.

Is Cardiff Bay the same as Tiger Bay?

As some of you may be aware cardiff bay used to be called tiger bay. But in the redevelopment of the docks the cardiff council and Welsh government considered the name Tiger Bay as too exotic and so they changed it too cardiff bay. Trying to sweep away the diverse communities that lived there coining them slums.

Whats the roughest place in Cardiff?

Cathays , the area which covers the whole city centre, had the most offences with 733 crimes.