What was Juninho known for?

A dead-ball specialist noted for his bending free kicks, in particular the knuckleball technique which he developed, Juninho holds the record for the highest number of goals scored through free kicks and he is considered by many to be the greatest free kick-taker of all time.

What is the meaning of Juninho?

Juninho, Portuguese for “little Junior”, is a common nickname in Brazil for those whose full name includes Júnior. It is often combined with an epithet, sometimes a demonym (a word derived from their place of origin).

How good is Juninho?

Juninho has not always scored the most aesthetically pleasing free-kicks—although there were many stunners—but his technique has proved a remarkably effective weapon over a sustained period. It is for these reason that it can justifiably be argued that Juninho has been the best of all the set-piece specialists.

Is Juninho a legend?

Juninho Pernambucano is a true legend of Olympique Lyon, winning seven titles during his eight-year spell in France. Born Antonio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Junior – his name comes from Juninho meaning ‘Junior’ and Pernambucano pays reference to his birthplace in Recife, Pernambuco.

Who is the greatest free-kick taker of all time?

Messi has scored a quite incredible 50 free-kicks and is probably the best in the world right now. Pirlo and Mihajlović are both up there in terms of the most prolific.

What is Juninho doing now?

And Juninho is back and ready to do it all over again. Alongside head coach Tite, he is plotting a way for Brazil to reconquer the global crown. He was was director at Ituano FC when in 2019 he succeeded Arsenal’s Edu Gaspar as Brazil’s national team co-ordinator.

How many free kicks did Juninho take?

The Brazilian dead-ball specialist is widely revered as one of the best free-kick takers of all time, with Juninho leaving fans in awe at his brilliance. PopFoot compiled the data and found that Juninho scored an incredible 74 times from the free-kick spot in his club football career.

Who is the best free-kick of all time?

The 10 most prolific free-kick takers of all time

  • Ronald Koeman – 60.
  • =6. Zico – 62.
  • =6. Diego Maradona – 62.
  • David Beckham – 65.
  • =3. Ronaldinho – 66.
  • =3. Victor Legrottaglie – 66.
  • Pele – 70.
  • Juninho Pernambucano – 77.

Who invented the knuckleball free-kick?

star Didi
The 1950s Brazilian star Didi invented the folha seca (dry leaf) which is nowadays commonly known as the knuckleball free kick, notably used by modern day players such as Juninho (whose technique has been emulated), and Cristiano Ronaldo, where the ball would be struck with either no or a low amount of spin, causing it …

How can I shoot like Juninho?

The basis for Juninho’s technique from close range was a consistent routine which consisted of:

  1. Standing three paces back from the ball.
  2. The further left the ball, the more perpendicular the run-up.
  3. Focusing the eyes on the ball, then the target and then back to the ball.