What was the relationship between Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford?

Johnny Crawford, who reigned as one of television’s most popular young actors while starring as Chuck Connors’s sensitive son on “The Rifleman,” then parlayed his screen success into a string of Top 40 hits as a teenage crooner in the early 1960s, died April 29 at an assisted-living home in the Sun Valley section of …

Was Johnny Crawford and Chuck Connors friends?

He was friends with his young costar. Johnny Crawford, who played Lucas McCain’s son on The Rifleman, says Connors loved to play baseball with him during breaks and between scenes. “He always insisted on being first up at bat,” Crawford said in 2012. “We couldn’t find the ball, and that would be the end of that.”

Did actor Johnny Crawford have a brother?

Robert L. Crawford Jr.Johnny Crawford / BrotherRobert Lawrence Crawford Jr. is an American actor who portrayed the character Andy Sherman on the NBC television series Laramie in 1959 and 1960. Wikipedia

Is Johnny Crawford Chuck Connors son?

More Stories by Mike. Johnny Crawford, the original Mouseketeer who starred as the young son of the Civil War veteran portrayed by Chuck Connors on the 1958-63 ABC series The Rifleman, died Thursday, it was announced. He was 75.

Who is Robert Crawford?

Robert Crawford Sr., Emmy-Nominated Film Editor and Father of Actors, Dies at 95. His sons Johnny and Bobby Crawford were child stars on the TV Westerns ‘The Rifleman’ and ‘Laramie,’ respectively.

What was Johnny Crawford’s ethnicity?

Crawford Jr., a co-star of the series Laramie, and their father Robert Sr. were all nominated for Emmy Awards (the brothers for acting, and their father for film editing). He was of Russian-Jewish, German, and English ancestry.

Are Chuck and Mike Connors related?

Classic TV stars Chuck and Mike Connors shared more than just a last name. They each had long Hollywood careers in both character and leading roles. They weren’t related but they did have some things in common!

Did Jason McCord ever get cleared?

McCord was wounded in the battle and left for dead, the only survivor. He remained in a coma for 10 days after the attack. McCord was later charged with desertion, convicted at court-martial and cashiered out of the Army.

Did Chuck Connors and Paul Fix get along?

In fact, I wasn’t as young as I looked in those days and felt mature because I was working with adults all the time.” He formed lifelong friendships with both Connors and Fix, confirming in an interview that he continued visiting Fix until the year he passed away.