What was vitriol used for?

Vitriol became an extremely important in alchemy because it dissolved almost all substances except gold, which of course was the substance the alchemists were after. A classic example of what sulphuric acid can do is its reactivity with sugar.

How do you use vitriol?

Vitriol in a Sentence 🔉

  1. During the town-meeting, angry citizens met the mayor spewing vitriol.
  2. Every time she gets upset, the mean-spirited woman lets vitriol flow from her mouth.
  3. The employee was asked to refrain from posting vitriol or critical talk about his workplace on social media.

What is Foucault theory?

Foucault’s theories primarily address the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions.

What is discursive effect?

Discursive effects It is in the effects of discourse where power and knowledge come together that the critical element to the approach becomes most visible. Attending to the power effects of discourse involves asking: Who benefits from this discourse? Who is left out and what is forgotten?

What does vitriolic diatribe mean?

–noun. a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism.

What does vitriolic mean?

vitriolic Add to list Share. Mean, nasty, and caustic as the worst acid, vitriolic words can hurt feelings, break hearts, and even lead to violence. Vitriolic is an adjective related to the noun vitriol — which means a metal sulphate. You are more likely to hear vitriolic used to describe caustic words.

What is meant by discursive?

1a : moving from topic to topic without order : rambling gave a discursive lecture discursive prose. b : proceeding coherently from topic to topic. 2 philosophy : marked by a method of resolving complex expressions into simpler or more basic ones : marked by analytical reasoning.

What does misogynistic vitriol mean?

The adjective misogynistic is good for describing a dislike or hatred of women, or a deep-rooted bias against women in particular. If you describe a song’s lyrics as being misogynistic, it means that they display an ugly hatred of women. The word is comprised of the Greek words miso, “hatred,” and gyne, “women.”

How do you spell vitriol?

What is vitriol? Vitriol is an old-fashioned name for one of the most dangerous chemicals you can find: sulfuric acid. This substance is incredibly corrosive, meaning it eats away other substances due to chemical reactions.

What does Foucault mean by discourse?

Discourse, as defined by Foucault, refers to: ways of constituting knowledge, together with the social practices, forms of subjectivity and power relations which inhere in such knowledges and relations between them. Discourses are more than ways of thinking and producing meaning.

What is discursive style?

If a style of writing is discursive, it includes a lot of facts or opinions that are not necessarily relevant. [formal] …a livelier, more candid and more discursive treatment of the subject. Synonyms: digressive, loose, rambling, roundabout More Synonyms of discursive.

How do you use vitriolic in a sentence?

Vitriolic in a Sentence 🔉

  1. What was supposed to be a civil debate turned into a debate reaching vitriolic levels, ending with both participants screaming obscenities.
  2. Me giving her a vitriolic critique might sting, but harsh is my middle name.
  3. Your vitriolic comments about my dress hurt my feelings!

What does vitriolic mean in literature?

The definition of vitriolic is something said or written that is very caustic or biting. An example of a vitriolic comment is to say something very nasty and cruel to someone. adjective. 1.

What are the strategies in writing a discourse?

Discourse strategies

  • Openings and closingsFeedback in conversationCross-cultural variation Gender differences.
  • Culturally and contextually dependent Formal and informal Pre-closings Greetings and leave-takings Conversation starters.

What is a diatribe?

1 : a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing. 2 : ironic or satirical criticism. 3 archaic : a prolonged discourse.

What does Vitral mean?

vitral m (plural vitrais) (art) stained glass. (architecture, by extension) stained glass window.

What is discursive paragraph?

A discursive essay is an essay where you are required to write on something, which can be either argued for the topic or against the topic. However, some discursive essays can also be written in a way where you don’t have to choose any particular side but to present your views on both the sides in a balanced manner.

What is the meaning of Pragmatics?

Pragmatics is a subfield of linguistics and semiotics that studies how context contributes to meaning. Pragmatics encompasses speech act theory, conversational implicature talk in interaction and other approaches to language behavior in philosophy, sociology, linguistics and anthropology.

How do you write a discursive essay?

Basic Do’s of a Discursive Essay

  1. Write in formal, impersonal style.
  2. Introduce each point in a separate paragraph.
  3. Use topic sentences for each paragraph.
  4. Write well-developed paragraphs.
  5. Give reasons and examples for each point.
  6. Use sequencing.
  7. Use linking words and phrases.

What is diatribe an example of?

Filters. The definition of a diatribe is a harsh criticism. An example of a diatribe is a father lecturing his son about how the son is not doing anything with his life. noun. 3.

What is discursive learning?

Description. Discursive Practice is a theory of the linguistic and socio-cultural characteristics of recurring episodes of face-to-face interaction; episodes that have social and cultural significance to a community of speakers.