What weapon does Eunwol use?

Shade uses a Knuckle as a primary weapon and a Fox Marble as a secondary weapon and is technically classed as a Pirate, seeing as by today’s standards, that is the closest classficiation for the things he calls upon the spirits to do on his behalf.

What class is shade?

Shade uses the power of spirits and is a pirate class. Shade is decent at mobbing and bossing.

What weapon does Shade use?

Shade uses Strength as his main stat and is armed with Knuckles as his primary weapon and Fox Marbles as his secondary. Shade can summon spirits to aid him in battle and can boost his stats with special skills. Different spirits have different strengths and support Shade in different ways.

Is shade hard to level?

Training a Shade is very fun and one of the easiest classes to control. There are very few mechanics you need to be aware of and they have very few buffs you need to micro-manage. Levels 1-200 will breeze by and getting to fifth job will further enhance your overall map control.

Is shade good for bossing?

As a bossing class, Shade has some useful utility skills that can help survivability. They have an early level bind skill called Spirit Trap that will stun an enemy for 10 seconds.

Does fury Totem stack with Kishin?

Does Kishin stack with fury totem? The Fury Totem skill will place an effect on the map that will provide the same effects as the newly revamped Kishin skill. Once the player obtains the totem, the player can use the Fury Totem skill multiple times for the entire duration of the item.

What class is shade maple?

Shade is a MapleStory class that is part of the Heroes group of characters. Shade wields the spirits to help deal damage to monsters and bosses.

When did Cygnus Knights come out?

Released in 2009, the Cygnus Knights were originally capped at level 120.