What year did FSU go 0 11?


Year Coach Overall
1973 Jones 0–11
Darrell Mudra (Independent) (1974–1975)
1974 Mudra 1–10
1975 Mudra 3–8

When was the last time FSU was 0 4?

Florida State begins the 2021 season with one of the worst starts in program history. A new week, yet the same fate for the ‘Noles as Florida State falls to 0-4 for the first time since 1974. Once again, Florida State players and fans fell victim to an upsetting Saturday.

What was Florida State’s record in 2016?

The season was documented on Showtime’s A Season with Florida State Football….2016 Florida State Seminoles football team.

2016 Florida State Seminoles football
AP No. 8
2016 record 10–3 (5–3 ACC)
Head coach Jimbo Fisher (7th as head coach, 10th overall season)

What was Florida State’s record in 2017?

2017 Florida State Seminoles football team

2017 Florida State Seminoles football
Atlantic Division
2017 record 7–6 (3–5 ACC)
Head coach Jimbo Fisher (8th as head coach, 11th overall season) Odell Haggins (interim)
Co-offensive coordinator Lawrence Dawsey (4th as coordinator, 11th overall season)

Has FSU ever had a winless season?

Ed Williamson, who introduced football to the school, served as the first coach of the Florida State Seminoles. In his first and only season with Florida State, the Seminoles posted an 0–5 record. Williamson has the worst record out of all the head coaches at Florida State and the only coach to have a winless mark.

Does FSU football drink Gatorade?

Contrary to popular belief, the University of Florida did not come up with the sports drink that is now known as Gatorade. The team doctor for the FSU football team, Dr. R.A. Johnson, began producing a sports drink that he called “Seminole Firewater” as early as 1962. Dr.

What is FSU football record this year?

68 Years

Rk Year L
1 2021 7
2 2020 6
3 2019 7