What year did OSU beat OU?

The first dual between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma in 1920 ended with a Cowboy shutout win 50-0 over the Sooners, and the 2018 41-2 Oklahoma State victory was the largest margin of victory since Smith’s second Bedlam dual in 1992 when Oklahoma State won 43-0.

What year did OSU beat OU in Bedlam?

OU was victorious in the end, but the 14–0 win did not cover the 20-point spread in OU’s favor. However, many people involved in the 1954 contest do not recall any incident like the one purported by Budin to have occurred….Football.

Current win streak Oklahoma State, 1 (2021–present)

How many times did Beavers beat the Ducks?

With few exceptions, the schools have met in every season since. In all, the Beavers—under four separate university names—and Ducks have clashed on 114 occasions.

Why do they call OU vs OSU Bedlam?

Bedlam Rivalry The rivalry has its roots in the schools’ prestigious wrestling programs; OSU has won 34 NCAA titles, OU 7. The story goes that a newspaper reporter emerged from a wrestling match in OSU’s historic Gallagher Hall (now Gallagher-Iba Arena) and said, “It’s bedlam in there!”

Has Oklahoma State ever won a football national championship?

OSU has two national championships. The 2011 team was selected by NCAA-designated major selector Colley Matrix, though the Cowboys do not claim this title. In 2016, the AFCA committee (which conducts the Coaches Poll) retroactively selected the 1945 team.

When was the last time OSU won against OU?

Bedlam history: When did Oklahoma State last beat Oklahoma? Oklahoma State’s last win over their rival came in 2014. During that 2014 contest, early on it appeared as if the Sooners would just run away with the win.

Who won the 1979 Prudential World Cup?

West Indies won the 1979 Prudential World Cup : Match number: ODI No. 74Match days – day match (60-over match)Umpires

When was the 1979 Cricket World Cup held?

1979 Cricket World Cup. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The 1979 Cricket World Cup (officially the Prudential Cup ’79) was the second edition of the Cricket World Cup and was won by the West Indies, who had also won the inaugural tournament four years earlier. It was held in England from 9 to 23 June 1979.

When was the 1979 ICC Trophy held?

The 1979 ICC Trophy was held during late May and early June at various grounds in the English Midlands, with the two finalists qualifying for the World Cup where they joined the six Test nations who qualified automatically. Sri Lanka and Canada qualified after defeating Denmark and Bermuda respectively in the semi-finals.