When did Bulova stop making Accutron watches?

In 1972, the brand stopped its production, except for the Spaceview and the watches for the American railroads. The caliber 218, introduced in 1965, was thinner than the 214 (4.4 mm vs 5.5 mm).

When was the first Bulova Accutron made?

October 1960
Bulova’s “Accutron” watches, first sold in October 1960, use a 360 Hz tuning fork instead of a balance wheel as the timekeeping element.

How accurate is Bulova Accutron?

It resulted in an electronic watch with a guaranteed accuracy of 2 seconds per day or 1 minute a month — the Accutron. The Bulova Accutron heralded great accuracy by utilizing a tuning fork in between two transistors that beats at 360 times per second.

How much is the Accutron spaceview?

Spaceview 2020, $3,450; Spaceview 2020 Limited Edition, $4,000.

How does Bulova Accutron spaceview work?

The “Bulova Accutron” has a frequency of 360 oscillations per second (360 Hz). The vibration of the tuning fork is controlled by a transistorized circuit in the following way: when the left magnet on the tuning fork moves to the right, the phase-sensing coil generates an induction voltage on the base of the transistor.

What battery goes in a Bulova Accutron?

Accucell 1.35V Battery Bulova Accutron 214 It is powered by a silver oxide cell which is clean and friendly to the environment, not like that of the original mercury cell. Each ACCUCELL-1 comes with full instructions for installing correctly.

How does an Accutron watch work?

When did the Bulova Accutron Spaceview come out?

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Accutron in 2010, Bulova released a 1,000 limited edition and numbered range of the Spaceview. The watch was a replica of the original model released in 1960 in that it didn’t have a dial and was equipped with a tuning fork movement.

Why are there so many Bulova Accutron watches out there?

Counterfeit Accutron watches are widely being sold to unsuspecting buyers, with knock offs being passed off as Bulova Accutron 10K gold-filled authentic timepieces. There are still many units out there because more than 5 million pieces were sold between 1960 to 1977 when the watch was being produced.

What is the Bulova Accutron astronaut?

It was back in 1962 when the Bulova Accutron railroad captured the world’s attention. The Accutron was certified as the first watch for American railroads; it was used by rail workers to synchronize trains. Bulova’s Accutron watches soon became a hit with the Accutron Astronaut being its second model.

Are Accutron Spaceview watches worth buying?

The Spaceview remains one of the most sought after models by vintage Accutron collectors. When the watch went on sale, the company advertised its 99.9977% precision.