When did Factory Records go bust?

22 November 1992
Factory Records was declared bankrupt on 22 November 1992; the Hacienda closed its doors on the 28th of June 1997.

Is Factory Records still going?

Factory also ran The Haçienda nightclub, in partnership with New Order. Factory Records used a creative team (most notably record producer Martin Hannett and graphic designer Peter Saville) which gave the label and the artists recording for it a particular sound and image….

Factory Records
Defunct 1992
Status Defunct

What was fac24?

Sometimes the number can contain a further insight: FACT 24, Various Artists: A Factory Quartet (album [x2]): 2 records, 4 artists, thus 2/4. (In addition, Durutti Column [“4”; see above] is on this release.) FAC 148, Styal Mill Sponsored Bucket (sponsorship): One of 48 blades on the mill wheel, thus 1/48.

What happened to the Velvet Underground?

In late May 1973, the band and the tour manager parted ways, thus bringing the Velvet Underground to an end until the classic line-up of Reed, Tucker, Morrison and Cale would reunite in the 1990s.

What happened Human League?

The Human League was booked to conduct a tour of the UK and Europe from October to November 1980, but the lack of success after two years of hard work and perceived lack of faith by Virgin set about severe internal conflict within the band.

Who owned the haçienda?

New Order
Factory Records
The Haçienda/Owners

What happened to the Hacienda Manchester?

Hacienda, Manchester: First dance 1982 – last dance 1997 It is widely believed that people at the club were spending their money on drugs, not alcohol. The Hacienda closed as a club in 1997 and was demolished in 2002 to make way for a block of flats, which are controversially named The Hacienda Apartments.

What was the first British post punk album?

For all intents and purposes, the core era of Post-Punk begins on October 13, 1978, when “Public Image” by Public Image Limited is released.

What was the last FAC number?

The final number allocated was FAC 501, Tony Wilson’s coffin and funeral. The Factory catalogue was closed after this final allocation.

Who produced Joy Division?

Martin Hannett
James Martin Hannett (31 May 1948 – 18 April 1991), initially credited as Martin Zero, was an English record producer, musician and an original partner/director at Tony Wilson’s Factory Records….

Martin Hannett
Born 31 May 1948 Manchester, England
Died 18 April 1991 (aged 42) Manchester, England