When did Mitsuwa Edgewater open?

Mitsuwa’s Irvine location opened in 2011. Inside the former Torrance location. The grocery store is to the left, the main food court upper right, and specialty stores selling books and videos lower right. It was closed in 2019, with the new location at the Del Amo Fashion Center opening in February 2020.

Does Mitsuwa accept card?

Mitsuwa Marketplace accepts credit cards.

What foods do Japanese people eat on New Years?

Ozouni, also known as ozoni or zoni, is a soup dish that is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day. Although there are many variations, the dish usually consists of chicken and various vegetables and sometimes tofu as well.

What do they sell in Japanese supermarket?

Foods typically sold in Japanese supermarkets

  • Meat: beef, pork, chicken.
  • Seafood: fresh fish, assorted sashimi, processed seafood, sushi.
  • Produce: vegetables, fruits, mushrooms.
  • Dairy Products: milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, butter, margarine.
  • Soy bean products: tofu, miso, soy sauce, natto.

Is there A Mitsuwa in New Jersey?

There is a chain of Mitsuwa across the country. I have to say, the one here at Edgewater, NJ (on a promenade in an upscale part of Jersey, overlooking the NYC skyline across the river) is one of the best. Don’t even compare this one to the one in San Gabriel, CA. I’ve always enjoyed the many choices of Japanese cuisine here at their food court.

Is Mitsuwa Marketplace open 365 days a year?

NEW JERSEY | Mitsuwa Marketplace | A Japanese Grocery Store | Open 365 days a year! Currently, there are no upcoming deals for this store. *Our business hours may change without prior notice. HOUSE Vermont Curry 3Var.

Is Mitsuwa a good place to stay?

My review from nearly 10 years ago still stands. Mitsuwa is one of the best places in the Edgewater area, and it continues to be one of my favorite places to go to on the weekends or after work…. I can just spend a whole day here and still don’t wanna leave!

How strict is Mitsuwa in Japan?

Mitsuwa is still pretty strict with COVID regulations, and sometimes, you do have to wait outside for a while, before going in. This goes for the supermarket as well as the shops like Daiso and the toy store. I haven’t seen so many lines as of late, so perhaps they are easing up, but just keep that in mind.