When was CDC established in Nepal?

Therefore, this centre which was initially established as Curriculum, Textbook and Supervision Centre in 1971 and named Curriculum Development Centre later in 1997, is determined to integrate the needs and interest of students in school education through learner centered teaching learning process from its inception.

What is the role of curriculum development Centre in Zambia?

The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), the institution placed with the responsibility of facilitating curriculum development, claims that the Zambian school curriculum is developed through a consultative and participatory approach through course and subject panels where teachers and other stakeholders are represented …

What is a curriculum PDF?

 The curriculum is defined as the guideline of the chapters and academic content covered by an educational system while undergoing a particular course or program.  In a theoretical sense, curriculum refers to what is offered by the school or college.

What is the full form of CDC?

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention / Full name

What are the 7 stages of curriculum development PDF?


  • (1) Identify Issue/Problem/Need.
  • (2) Form Curriculum Development Team.
  • (3) Conduct Needs Assessment and Analysis.
  • (4) State Intended Outcomes.
  • (5) Select Content.
  • (6) Design Experiential Methods.
  • (7) Produce Curriculum Product.
  • (8) Test and Revise Curriculum.

What is the role of a teacher in the curriculum process?

The role of teachers in the curriculum process is to help students develop an engaged relationship with the content. Active learning will increase the focus and retention of the curriculum, resulting in an exciting learning environment.

What is the role of curriculum development Centre?

The Centers provide professional instructional design for the materials they produce. Other responsibilities of each Curriculum Development Center include: Facilitate collaboration with community colleges to ensure that the materials are suitable for the community college student population and methods of instruction.