When was Leamington Spa train station built?

Leamington Spa railway station

Leamington Spa
1852 Opened as Leamington
1913 Renamed Leamington Spa
1937-39 Rebuilt
1950 Renamed Leamington Spa General

How old is Leamington Spa train station?

Leamington Spa railway station opened in 1852 and was rebuilt during the 1930s in the art-deco style. Today it’s an important rail hub connecting travellers to London, Birmingham, Manchester and beyond.

Is Royal Leamington Spa posh?

“Leamington Spa does have a reputation for being a bit posh, but it depends really, it’s not all like that,” she adds. Social worker Neil Jones is a prime example of someone who has been priced out of Leamington Spa’s property market. According to him, it’s “definitely the higher end of middle class”.

What zone is Leamington Spa?

Leamington Spa to London Underground Zone 1-6 by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station Leamington Spa
Arrival station London Underground Zone 1-6

How big is Leamington Spa?

109 square miles
Area 109 square miles (283 square km).

What is the population of Leamington Spa?

In 2019 Leamington had an estimated population of 52,213. Leamington is adjoined with the neighbouring towns of Warwick and Whitnash, and the village of Cubbington; together these form a conurbation known as the “Royal Leamington Spa Built-up area” which in 2011 had a population of 95,172.

Is Leamington Spa affluent?

The genteel Warwickshire town of Leamington Spa has emerged as Britain’s most prosperous town for the second year running. According to a survey published today by Dun & Bradstreet, Leamington Spa has the highest proportion of profit-making businesses in the country, writes Nigel Cope.

What zone is Solihull in?


Station Year opened Zone
Solihull 1852 4
Spring Road 1908 3
Stechford 1844 3
Stourbridge Junction 1852 5