Where are the Oculariums on the Storm Coast?

The ocularum are found in the following locations: Overlooking the beach west of Storm’s Solitude Inquisition Camp. (3 shards) Near the hut at Morrin’s Outlook, on the peninsula southwest of the Storm’s Solitude Inquisition Camp.

What happens when you collect all the shards in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Collecting multiple shards enables the completion of several side quests (see Shards for more details) associated with the Solasan Temple. Once every shard has been collected the final door at the very heart of the temple can be opened.

What is the purpose of a Astrarium?

An astrarium, also called a planetarium, is the mechanical representation of the cyclic nature of astronomical objects in one timepiece. It is an astronomical clock.

How many Astrariums are there in Inquisition?

three Astrarium puzzles
Astrariums are strange Tevinter devices strewn about in threes around different locales across Thedas. Solving the three Astrarium puzzles within a locale grants you access to an Astrarium vault containing rare pieces of gear, Mosaics, and other items. You’ll need to unlock and complete all 15 to get the achievement.

How do I bring Felandaris to the tree?

Description: You found a letter at an abandoned campsite. It instructs a young man to bring felandaris to a tree where a stone lady stands. You need to find a felandaris plant, take it to the altar that will be marked on your map, then kill the enemy that appears after you interact with it to wrap up the quest.

Do you need all the shards in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To complete all shard side quests including those available in the Frostback Basin a total of 126 are required. There are no shards to be found in either Crestwood or the Fallow Mire.

How many shards do I need for Forbidden Oasis?

six shards
Speak to Scout Harding once you arrive in the Forbidden Oasis to begin this quest. To enter the Solasan at the end of the quest, you need to have found at least six shards in total.